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Help! Betaflight 4.0 issue with spektrum

I'm trying to update my fc, Betaflight f4, to Betaflight 4.0 (currently newest version is 4.04.), I setup everything receiver related as I normally do but the in the receiver tab when I move the tx sticks the bars move erratically (even auxs I don't have on my radio). So I tried going back to Betaflight 3.5.7, set everything up, and in the receiver tab everything moved correctly. I double checked by reupdating to Betaflight 4.0.4 and after setting everything receiver related exactly the same, the r the bars in the receiver tab went back to moving erratically. I also triple and quadruple checked by going back and fourth between software versions.
I'm using a Betaflight f4 and spektrum 4649t receiver.
Thank you for any help in advance.