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Help! I have a problem with betaflight 4.1 and spektrum

I'm trying to update my fc, a Betaflight f4, to Betaflight 4.1. I setup everything receiver related as I normally do but the in the receiver tab when I move the tx sticks the bars move erratically (even auxs I don't have on my radio).

I've been having this problem for while, ever since betaflight 4.0, and I've just been flying with with 3.5.7. This is because when I flash Betaflight 3.5.7 (or any version previous of 4.0), set everything up, and in the receiver tab the perceived inputs are correct. I double checked by reupdating to Betaflight 4.1 and after setting everything receiver related exactly the same, the bars in the receiver tab go back to moving erratically. I also triple and quadruple checked by going back and fourth between software versions.

Below is an image of of the perceived inputs when just moving the throttle stick up and down.
Screenshot 2020-01-05 at 22.04.00.png

I'm currently using a Betaflight f4 and spektrum 4649t receiver.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Wake up! Time to fly!
There have been known problems for some since 4.0 some have been addressed obviously some have not as your gear is unfortunatly one having issues.

If your gear flys well on previous versions revert back to that and enjoy life in the air. Nothing says you HAVE to keep up with the joneses to fly.
Im flying gear still running 3.5.1 as well as a KISS based craft on v1 hardware and the original programming when I built it over 3 years ago when the OG Rotor Riot RR5 came out.

If it aint broke dont fix it. enjoy it and maybe revisit the newer versions as they come until it brings your gear up to speed.
Thank you for your reply, I tried flashing 4.0 on an old build, with a different receiver (spektrum 4648), and it works perfectly. So the problem is specific to the spm4649t, although I couldn't find anyone else with same problem so I might be doing something wrong.

In versions previous to 4.0, with the spm4649t, in the CLI I typed "set spektrum_sat_bind = 1" and "set spektrum_sat_bind_autoreset = OFF", this is the only thing different with older receiver as I don't have to type anything in the CLI. Maybe in newer versions of betaflight something changed.

Does anyone currently have a build with a spektrum 4649t receiver and betaflight 4.0 or newer?