bicopter and aura5


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I don't know about that, but one thing I know is that you can use it to control linear motor bicopter like the Chinook. If you're gonna use it like that I don't know how you're gonna control the pitch since the use of a Servo to tilt the motor will result in a squirly control. Variable pitch is a good option but you'll need a hella bunch of complications to do that and not guaranteeing a great results. Maybe you can add one more motor to make it much easier to build and control though resulting in a bit of an unrealistic looks


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I have done a setup that works for a situation like that with an iNav board setup in multi-rotor mode, so it would really come down to how configurable the Aura 5 is (for context my fixed wing stuff has PID settings in the 5-10 value range, the settings for the bi-copter I did where over 40)