Using Aura 5 on a plane without ailerons


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my friend built me a plane without ailerons so I'll be using the rudder to turn left and right while in the air.
I plugged the rudder servo lead into the aileron port (S2) on the AURA5 so I'll be using my right stick to turn as usual
and the elevator lead into S4 port along
with the throttle lead into S1. The nose gear servo is plugged into the rudder port so it will be used by the left stick as normal
when taxing. When not mounted on the plane the AURA 5 gyro moves correctly (rudder and elevator).
When the AURA5 is mounted the gyro moves nothing. The sticks operate the rudder, elevator and throttle correctly. Any clues as to why this happens. Any suggestions on how to fix this.
Thank you
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Yes; By default the "6 axis" stabilization" is in the middle position. AAARRRGGGHHHH!!
When I have to smash the "Don't crash" button I want it in the bottom position.
I reprogrammed my AURA so the bottom switch position is the "6 Axis"