Big 3d printed self flying plane


I just want some opinions on whether this will fly
Twin forward 2205 Motor 3 blade 5 inch prop belly slider plank with single vertical stab
I've used carbon fiber bars instead of tubes b/c bars don't need holes and I found that lw pla did not like printing holes.
I've finished the wing, expecting somewhere around 80 g
It was 170g
2 wings will be 340g
I'm expecting the fuselage might be heavier, so maybe total weight to 600g
600g airframe?
The plane is 900 mm in wingspan.
All I plan to do after it is built is to code an Arduino to just turn on the motors for like 3 seconds, and throw it. Then, I might add stabilization into the Arduino and stuff and make the plane turn.

So, can this fly?
To be clear, is the wing loading low enough for a 3 cell twin 2205 motors to be able to lift like 1300g?
I don't plan on flying this. I've built like 8 planes, and people in my field have test flown most of them, but I can barely keep my storch in the air.


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Will it fly? Probably, best case is long glide to landing, worst case is falling at your feet. Think power assisted glider. How much thrust will the motors make? If thrust is more than weight, it is in vertical climb area. Thrust less than weight, it will accelerate slowly until drag equals thrust. If you accelerate enough, it will eventually start to climb. If it can't accelerate enough it extends the glide until it lands. Anything lighter than having weight 3 times the thrust should be normal flyable, but that is back of the napkin spitballing.
Meter wingspan is really high wingloading at 1300 grams, so it had better fly really fast


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So long as the wing is not an extremely inefficient design, it should probably fly. That said, you can probably optimize for weight a fair bit. One wall at 0.4 mm and 3% infill is enough for most planes, though since it won't be controlled you may want to strengthen it a bit so it doesn't break on bad landings