Big 3d printed self flying plane


I just want some opinions on whether this will fly
Twin forward 2205 Motor 3 blade 5 inch prop belly slider plank with single vertical stab
I've used carbon fiber bars instead of tubes b/c bars don't need holes and I found that lw pla did not like printing holes.
I've finished the wing, expecting somewhere around 80 g
It was 170g
2 wings will be 340g
I'm expecting the fuselage might be heavier, so maybe total weight to 600g
600g airframe?
The plane is 900 mm in wingspan.
All I plan to do after it is built is to code an Arduino to just turn on the motors for like 3 seconds, and throw it. Then, I might add stabilization into the Arduino and stuff and make the plane turn.

So, can this fly?
To be clear, is the wing loading low enough for a 3 cell twin 2205 motors to be able to lift like 1300g?
I don't plan on flying this. I've built like 8 planes, and people in my field have test flown most of them, but I can barely keep my storch in the air.