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Big F-35 (FT Alpha 30%) Maiden


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Haven't been too active on the forum or in the community but I'm still here. Thought I would share this:


I've made this plane twice before, once as a normal scaled-up alpha and one like this with canted vertical stabs and one exhaust to make it look like an F-35. Today I'm planning on painting it a dark grey. It flies great. IIRC @JeromeAu is the one who made the plans
Well as you converted it to a F-35 I designed a skin for you to print and use on your model, the pdf has 8 pages and 100% in size. It's designed with decals of the USA air force with 5mm bleed to rape over the edges.

Hope you like the skin design budy.
Holy crap this is so awesome. I already painted it but honestly, I have to make another with this skin. This looks super detailed. Thank you!