Big Plans


Gravity Tester
Hi everyone, this is my first post in the forum. I want to thank Flite Test for reinvigorating my love for the hobby. Years ago I was inspired by videos from RCPowers and decided to buy the Wildhawk. Sadly, I never got it flying and was discouraged from continuing the hobby, although I continued using an RC simulator on my computer. This past fall, as a senior in high school, I was inspired by the advancing popularity of multirotors to build my own. At first I was overwhelmed by all the numbers and components involved in a multirotor build. In search of help I discovered Flite Test and have been completely taken over by the RC hobby once more. All of the videos, advice, and my experience on the simulator have allowed me to successfully fly not only my old Wildhawk, but more complex models such as the FT Versa wing. My knowledge of RC planes and multirotors has improved substantially thanks to the guys at Flite Test. Progress has been slow here in the Northeast due to snowfall and record low temperatures, but as spring arrives I have big plans for experimental plane designs, as well as my ambitious multirotor build.

Thanks guys!


Welcome to the forum, Snaris! Once you've gotten bored with your Wild Hawk, pluck out the stock electronics, put in a brushless motor, and cut in ailerons. That's what I did with one that I found in the curbside garbage. Loved that plane! It flew great, but was killed one day by one of my 8th grade students a couple of years ago. Hit me up if you want power setup recommendations.