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OK I saw this after posting in Nerdnics "issue about walmart glue stick" thread
I started out there primarily because I live in a hot climate where the planes held by hot glue could melt so was first wondering what people were doing who lived in hot climes like me. Now after deciding some stuff, here is a new question or request..... maybe something we could ALL work on and produce something useful with real meaningful exhaustive answers a quick encyclopedic reference for: glues ( hot glue, epoxy, CA, acrylic, aliphatic, gorilla glues etc), Building materials: (foam boards, Lite Ply, foams EPO, EPS, and the others I don't know about the flexy tough one RC Foam Fighters use covered with Henrys Weave stuck on w/ 3m77 and covered w/ Tape Bros colored carton sealing tape etc) Sealers like Minwax which kind and others.
Covering Materials: good hi quality or Monocote or Dollar Store "Cello Wrap" you have to glue it on tho maybe with E6000 $1 for a 6 foot roll Monocote is really hi but it's the best stuff, but then you have to pay like $17 for each color, ideas for other paintable covering?
Paints, Sealers, Waterproofers which one why .... I remember the video... maybe we could list each one and why take like 2 lines per each product and why.
CF where you might buy cheap suppliers. Affordable suppliers of light fiberglass cloth.
I liked that yall mentioned Altitude Hobbies, source to buy BEEF motors, good deal, bought 2 reg and 2 of the 950kv.
More of this idea follows here.

If we make an exhaustive encyclopedic reference, then everybody doesn't have to waste a year making purchasing mistakes or paying too much or material mistakes building stuff. I know this is not so composed, just a start, OK?

Nerdnic, you may have got me interested in this by your request a few posts back.
We could build this.

Do you get tired of looking for the answer in 200 different places? Would you like to find it ALL in one place quickly?

I started writing one myself in my word processor ( RC Airguide Specs ... FT model specs motors props WS etc then started piling on sites where to buy what like Tape Bros, AltitudeHobbies, etc ), just a start, I make so very many notes when I find something good in a thread or post, a motor of particular interest or Bruce Simpsons mention of the Acrylic adhesive at the end of his video on epoxies, that he said worked on his hatch magnet. Where do you go to buy what? The local hobby store that stocked wood closed down 5 yrs ago and the ones further away in town 30 miles away never have the stuff, just car stuff and a few arfs and glo fuel.

Just yesterday I ordered six sheets of Lite-Ply 1/8 by 24 by 48" at $10 a sheet from Amazon with free shipping ( sold by Best Service Stores @ Amazon ), yes total bill was $62, but I really like to build with this stuff. Maybe yall would too. Amazon really made it a good deal with the free shipping where as other companies charged a lot more for smaller pcs and quantities and had big shipping charges too.
See? A great building materiel you might like to use for more permanent lasting projects, maybe a really tuff lite pwr pod, no?
What is it? Where did you get it? A good price? Been wanting to find where I could get that for a good price.
See the idea?

Been thinking of making a power pod for the FT models with lo wings and since the FT Mustang was mentioned so favorably, that a power pod made of 1/8 Lite-Ply that had that really nice low battery hatch the FT guys thought of, AND, a wing saddle built in to the pod with either screw or rubber band mounts. Just wanted to share this w/ mention of the Lite-Ply and what you might use it for. Seen some pods get dinged up from nose overs n stuff. This would be an excellent all-around solution. Of course this would be only for lo wings, but as with anything, take and modify for what fits your use. Better make it with 3degrees RIGHT, I keep on seeing everybody launch and their plane goes left because they need the 3 degrees Right on the mount on Spitfires and Mustangs. I had been looking for a place to buy that wood for a week or more, then finally found the best deal on Amazon. Hey sometimes they charge way too much and we do know this too.

And the Q about what spinner size used for the Spitfire, to which CraftyDan answers it's 2.25" and you can buy them at Mountain Hobbies. I was about that same issue myself, would very much like to have found some good ones cheaper than the 6 or $8 I paid for each. See how this could save you money too? By having a better idea of where to buy stuff for a better deal.

What's the name of the Acrylic adhesive Bruce mentioned? Where can I buy it? He doesn't say where or what but, "'s cheap as beans, mate...", I really like this guy.

Lots of stuff like this you might listen careful for in a video because you need it. Does everybody need to re-invent the wheel all on their own, OR, could what we all discover be pooled for easier quick reference and use?

Basically that is simply it, see I found one member lists the poorest of epoxies you would buy from the poorest of suppliers ( hobby king ) and dismisses all epoxy as toxic harmful and brittle. Then lists 2 or 3 other types of glues and says one of these needless to say statements like there are modern glues that replace all the older glues so I won't mention those. Now if you know who you are don't take offense, this is just encouragement to try and capture all useful ideas for a project like this and NOT leave anything useful off the table.

Like good brainstorming, put it ALL on the table FIRST in an associated thread to gather pics n data from ( when you organize data... it becomes useful information ), then consider all ideas and THEN eliminate what does not work for you. Then create the sticky with the "Information".

When a person says "...needless to say...." I don't think those things really are "needless" if I am reaching for pen and paper to write it down.

Careful listing of "on topic" ideas are NOT "needless to say", remember things you are aware of and assume or presume others are also aware of, others may not be aware of, truly.

In application, speedy cure time is not always needed. When I am working, I might start off the day getting up a little early, go glue and clamp or pin together say 4 - 10 parts with slo setting epoxy or elmers wood glue or contact cement, stuff ( aliphatic )really is strong and recommended in Sig Somethin Extra Kit. Glue some stuff together, leave n come back 14 hours later after work, no hurry, that waterproof issue is not an issue at all because it's an airplane, not a boat, see. You make work what you can, where you can, with what is appropriate, don't just dismiss good stuff that has good use in haste, or in interest of brevity, see?

I think I want to get some of that Lepage pres-tite green contact cement from Home Depot that Eduardo Fritis used on one of his planes in his build article "Building a Flair Magnatilla".

Let's put it all the good ideas together in a quick readable reference sticky without extraneous comments or long stories ( yah me too ) we could have another place and maybe a link to more lengthy explanation and expounding on properties and how you used it, how it performed.

I start off writing something and then re-write it better, so if the first post or mention seems long winded, that's OK, I intend to refine.

Hi Dan, am I bringing up something that already exists?

Glues, Paints, Building Materials (diff foam boards, Lite-Ply, regular hobby ply,...), Lam Materials (Carbon Fiber, Fiberglass where to buy economically), Sealers (Minwax what kind n why), Waterproofing which ones and why ( good FT video now what were those brands n why each one how about a one line list detailing each on one line or like an encyclopedic reference of properties uses effectiveness in fresh or salt water .... this could go for all stuff listed ), Motors what kinds used and prop charts and what suppliers what prices EXHAUSTIVE ... USEFUL!!!! So people don't have to do without info and make bad choices or waste a lot of time looking in 200 places, but rather informed choices quickly. See I thought of this for myself then also recall Nerdnic mentioning this too. So why leave info all piecemeal, bits you would take yrs to gather. Know how many times I have figured out stuff, wrote it down then re-figured it again because I cannot find the notes where I already did the work before? I keep listed a prop speed formula and also lipo voltages 6.4 7.4 8.4 , 9.6 11.1 12.6, mph = .000947 x rpm x pitch. All these things could be listed for quick reference in an encyclopedia, like quick what's the prop we like to use on the FT Mustang with the Suppo 2217/7 "BEEF" motor? Now this is the hot motor that has the 1250kv rating 2s n 3s, the other more miserly choice if you want to see if you can get longer flight times might be the 2217/9 950kv uses max 15amps might get you longer flights, the 7 turn motor will drive a 10x5 APC E and it's max is 20 amps. I am really coming to like those Suppo motors and coming to understand more about the difference between delta ( hot hi kv less efficient motors small props ducted fans prop jets ) and wye driving larger props with lo to med kv 3 wires terminate in middle wrapped with more turns and smaller wire than say a low turn delta.

Clear pictures of the stuff, where you can buy, what's the economical way to buy? Lite ply 12x48x1/8 $10 sheet at LHS or same but at Amazon buy 6 sheets tho all at once n free ship ..... SEE the idea?

Who can make a sticky? Can I, gotta learn how to, if I can.

Is there already one in existence .... that is exhaustive and encyclopedic?

An FT Building Materials Encyclopedia and "Where to buy what, list" too like those great Suppo 2217 series motors for about $20 at Altitude Hobbies, and some careful mention that the ZTW Esc you might buy there is $29 and has a 5 Amp BEC, but, I have found it sometimes displays erratic unwanted motor drive behavior like sometimes the motor unloaded motor won't turn but it vibrates instead. The Altitude Hobbies rep shows you this in a video and explains that it happens infrequently unloaded, and maybe not at all if you have a prop on the motor ( I list this this way because I have not seen this when it has a prop on it... YET.) I may thru experience with this product, continue to buy and use this brand of Esc because maybe the problem won't occur while the model is in flight. Another option also for $10 more from innov8tive for $40 is a 40A esc with 6Amp BEC that I bought for a more powerful motor for 3# models the Cobra 2820/10 gonna drive a 10x5 APC E and get 57oz thrust on 3 cells. Liked that motor so much I bought 2 and their Esc to try with their motor.

These things could be listed with prop charts too. Hey where's a prop chart for Suppo motors? I've been looking for that. When we find it, we can list it in one place.

Collect info from threads associated with the encyclopedia, then post digested well composed lists in same. Short and concise and quickly readable.

I may be going on too much, I have backed up to write this, kind of added stuff out of order, this is like the rough draft, see?

OK we really need an exhaustive list of ALL glues: hot stick , contact cement, epoxies, epoxies to laminate with, resins to laminate with, aliphatics like elmers glue, acrylics that stick magnets when nothing else sticks them, CA, White Gorilla Glue, and any other glues and glue types. Catagoricaly what kind of glue this is and specifically of the brand, what performance... like for instance when I glued a wood firewall to the epoxy fiberglass laminate in the nose, I used what I was claiming my fav Parbond the tough flexy glue -------- BUT BUT BUT found this glue really lacked here in adhesion!!!!! So I scraped it out of the fwd end of fuse I could easily reach and put Z-poxy instead. Now this worked adheared attached cleanly nicely surely done! Now I went all around inside and scraped out or put in addition Zpoxy to hold down the wood mount hard points wing shoulders and landing gear. So I examined what I used, it's quality in the application and replaced it with zpoxy.

1: Glues
2: Paints
3: Building Materials EPO, EPS, diff types foam board their weights and density ( hobby lobby is stronger tougher I think but weighs about 9 oz / per 30x20.25" sheet, and what's that heavy foam the FoamFighters cover with Henrys Weave then glue with 3m77 then cover with tape bros colored tape ... just bought an 8 pack of that from Amazon yesterday?
Now a more economical Henrys Weave has also been found too.
Lite Ply made out of 3 plys best buy deal is 1/8 x 12 x 48 six sheets from Amazon for about $60 free shipping too or about $11 per sheet at your
local hobby shop or same if you can get it at Hobby Lobby

OK sorry if this is a kind of mess but I'll post and see what ya'll say or know. I am kind of new and was thinking on my own of making an RC notebook that would contain all this stuff and more, a quick reference.

Maybe I'll get a direction maybe from yall and get this going if I can. I'm tired of looking up the same old motor prop specs that I have looked up before.
Want to have all the best info in one place?

What could we do with this idea?
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