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Bigger image attachments

There seems to be a setting that keeps attached images very small
Can this be changed?

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Rotor Riot!
You can upload them to photobucket or the like, and use the Attach from URL function. Then they will show up full size.
Ill try one here

the original is 1024*768

I click image icon above text area - select a file from my computer and transfer it to the server.
When posted it turns out as a miniature and even if I click on that image it is very small.

1st picture is: 300px × 225px

and the big picture is: 368px × 276px

Attachments from my webserver does not work at all - says invalid url
error can be seen here
(i have never seen that before with links from my server)

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Do not check the option to upload and make a local copy of the image in the link if you want bigger images.

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So the "retrieve remote file" option is configured to keep small images locally.

Ill link to a big picture

Cool - that solves a bit...thanks for your tip pgerts.

I can do that - but I still think the locally stored files can be default sizes - and when needed limited by width in forum


Rotor Riot!
Using "Insert Image" button using direct link with box unchecked:

Using "Insert Image" button using direct link with box checked:

I get a message saying "Invalid URL"

Using IMG code from Photobucket:

Uploading directly: