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Bix 3 Equivalent

I would like to pick up a Bix3-like plane that can be outfitted with FPV, handles nicely, and can perform well in high winds. However, I cannot stand doing business with HobbyKing and will not order from them.

What other planes are out there that are more or less the equivalent of the Bix 3?

I know the Bixler 1 and Bixler 2 are very close relatives to the Sky Scout, Sky Hawk, Easy Star, Easy Star II, etc., but am not familiar with the Bix3 equivalents/clones.


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what's wrong with HK. I've heard of people having problems years ago. but the last 1-2 years everything I've ordered from them have been without issue. they've shipped fast and no issues with any of the many things I've gotten from them, well except some bad motors but I knew those motors had a high ratio of bad before I ordered, should have listened and stayed away from the NTM propdrives. had one order that got stuck in the warehouse after being packed, contacted support on their support form and the guy contacted the warehouse and it was sent the next hour.

in any case, it doesn't really matter. all the high wing pusher prop planes are fairly close, even if they're not identical. you'll get mostly the same flight envelope depending on power system and wingspan. smaller wingspans are generally the trainers and sport flyers, while you also have the really big wingspan FPV/Camera ships that can fly forever.

I'm not sure there's any direct clones of the Bix3 as that seems to be HK's own evolution of that type of plane. But if you want a similar model designed for FPV, look at GetFPV's Volantex FPVraptor http://www.getfpv.com/planes/fpv-planes/volantex-fpvraptor-v2-757-v2-pnp.html though at 2M wingspan it's half a meter bigger than the bix3. On the plus side it doesn't have the Bix* series massive nose.

It's also shipped form the US and GetFPV is very nice and ship very fast so you should have it fast. They lso have a kit version if you want your own motor and ESC and stuff.

I've been considering getting an FPV plane, myself and I would get this over the bixler planes myself. though I've been looking at other types of planes in the wing family as well. though these types with the long narrow wings should give longer flight times I believe.
Thanks for your reply, HawkMan.

HobbyKing... I have only placed one order with them, which included two batteries. I had to pay over $100 to get this order sent to me, even though I'm 1800 miles closer to them than anyone in any other state (they refused to send me anything from a US warehouse, because according to them I am on a "US Minor Outlying Island"). When the order arrived, I found that the batteries were the wrong size. I contacted them about it, they insisted it was my fault and that I had ordered the wrong sizes, and said that if I wanted to return them I would have to pay for the shipping. I gave them the benefit of the doubt, faulted myself thinking that there was a slim chance I may have had a massive brain fart (even though I know I double-checked everything), and said that I would pay to return the batteries - but that I wanted a full refund (the incident made me think twice about trusting them). I followed their instructions for the return exactly, took pictures of the items and every step of the packing process, and printed off the return label they provided. I sent the batteries via UPS 2nd Day Air to an Arkansas address as specified on the label, and then didn't hear anything back from them. After waiting 8 days for the refund to post and seeing nothing, I contacted them to see what was going on. They then said that they never received the package. Since I had shipped the package via UPS, I was able to retrieve the tracking information, proof of delivery, and even the name of the person who signed for the delivery. HobbyKing refused to acknowledge they had the batteries until I gave them all this information. After they finally admitted that they had them, I was told that the refund would be posted right away. I waited another 5 days and received no refund. I contacted them again, and they said that I had sent the wrong items. I then sent them the pictures I had taken prior to mailing the package. Only then did they admit that they had the correct batteries, and I was told once again that the refund would be posted. Another 5 days passed and there was still no refund. So I contacted them again, and they said that I had sent them to the wrong address. I showed them pictures of the label they had sent to me and informed them that there was absolutely no reason for me to send them to the wrong warehouse, that I would have had no knowledge of the warehouse - much less have known the exact address - if they had not given me the address themselves, and that I had followed their instructions for the return exactly. Back and forth we went until I provided irrefutable evidence (pictures and screenshots), and then they finally admitted that it was their fault and that the refund would be posted. Guess what? I still haven't seen that refund. And that is why I will not do business with them again.

As far as your recommendation, I checked out the plane and it looks awesome. I've been looking for something that can be easily controlled, deal with the tradewinds we have around here, and go long-distance. I really like that it can handle a big mAh payload. I completely agree that this is a step above the Bixler/Bix.
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I watched the construction video of the raptor the other day, and along with the 2M wing span I basically realized it's a Phoenix 2000 with a different body. the wing and tail section is identical.

So it should handle wind extremely well. it should also be able to fly extremely slow since the flaps on that wing are massive and can really slow it down, and I have throw at 50% max on my Phoenix :)

As for HK, I would say you got extremely unlucky. The one time I was missing an item in a package they offered me to compensate for the missing screw even though I had no proof, didn't seem worth it :) I got a 100 of them from ebay for next to nothing :p As for shipping I rarely use the euro warehouse unless it's small letter orders since the NL post tracked shipping which is all they offer on bigger packages is stupidly expensive, and DHL and FedEx(batteries) from the china warehouse is cheaper and faster... I think the Phoenix was the one item that was big enough that it somewhat was slightly cheaper from the euro warehouse.
What up, Mike. And Aloha. I'm with Hawkman - though their custy service lacks greatly when up agains stateside folks like RMRC and GetFPV, I've heard of very few folks getting burned by HK, sorry to hear you're one of them. I've had two semi-substantial dealings with them - once over a damaged wing upon rece ipt, and another a broken gimbal motor. Although it took a few days longer than the other guys, I was treated well. Again, sorry to hear about your misfortune.

Regarding shipping, a few of us out here in the islands have been groaning over their issues. I've had plenty of crap shipped out here from their US west warehouse, and it's the best way to go. Currently, however, they are dealing with some hickups after changing locations of that warehouse, apparently. They are aware of the issues, and are "working it." You can read about this here:


If you don't mind, I'd like to chime in about planes. First off, will this be plane number 1/2/3...? I've been flying fixed wing FPV for a few years, and I must say that high wing, bixler/EZ/SS style air frames are a killer way to go. I spent my first two years with a Bixler 2 (learning LOS through med.-range FPV) and I loved it. It's a super gentle and forgiving flyer, easily repairable, and also replaceable without too much heart ache - this goes for all the Bixlers. Furthermore the extra bit of wingspan on the Bix2 over the 1 gives it that bit more payload capacity, and overall the plane is just a little beefier. With the right power setup and modifications, it can really be your work horse for years. I don't really see the Bix3 being super different - obvious improvements In a few areas, but similar for the most part.

My Bix2 died in a blaze of glory a while back - 800 foot plunge into the mangroves at the ponds near Kualoa - and I now fly a Penguin. It's a similar aircraft - high wing, predictable and gentle flyer, but the kit is in a different class as far as quality and payload capacity. I'd recommend it to anyone. I've heard great things about the Raptor and Ranger as well - similar size up from the Bix's, and that PVC fuse, that's cool. Now all these airframes will get pushed around by our winds given their construction, but the larger heavier Penguin/Ranger/SkyWalker/Raptor will certainly be a little more resiliant than the lighter Bix/EZ/SS. For example I cruise Along with a fully decked out bird hauling cameras and 2x3S5000 packs, cross wind at altitude comes along and rocks me good - but much much less so than I recall with a Bix2.

I have some other builds on deck that I hope will help with this wind problem we have out here.

Yeah man, given where you're at with your flying, you've got a lot of options. You've also got a killer place to Fly!

And it sucks, but we just gotta suck up the extra shipping for a plane out here. Avg $35 from mainland. I wish you luck in your shopping.