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    Beach & bix

    Setup: bix3 + mobius cam
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    E-Flite Timber vs Parkzone Sport Cub

    I am just about ready to buy a new plane after getting pretty good at my Hobbyking Bix3. I am able to fly it and land it without crashing so that's a huge step so now I'm wanting something different. I made a list comparing the specs but I'm wondering which one I'll be more happy with. My flying...
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    CG of Bix3

    Hello guys, I've bought the Bix3, and I flied it stock, with the battery all the way in the front. It seemed a little tail heavy. I placed about 50 grams of lead in the cockpit, and now I think it's alright. My CG is on the servo wire of the flaps. Can anyone say whether this is correct or not...
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    Bixler 2 or Bix3

    Hello guys! I am pretty new to R/C flying and I want to buy my first airplane. I have already flown two quads. Should I buy the Bixler 2 or Bix3? Do you have experience?
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    Hi. I've got a Bix3, and I'm interested in finding out if I should get a gyro for stabilization. I'm still learning to use the Bix, and I might use it for FPV sometime. So what I'm wondering is, would a gyro help, and which one should I get? Thanks! Nikolai. (EDIT: typo)
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    Help finding small fpv plane

    Hey, RC lovers! I'm looking for a plane. I'm looking for something that's not too small, like my F949, but also something that's not too big, like my Bix3. I think 900-1300mm is adequate. I'd like to do simple fpv, so it should be able to carry that... :) Any recommendations? Thanks! Nikolai
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    Bix3 damaged, need help fixing it.

    Heyo! Somehow, my Bix3's tail got damaged while sitting in the garage for 3 months. Pictures on imgur: How would I fix it without buying new parts? (if possible) Thanks in advance, Nikolai :)
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    An anthology of RC Flights 2015.

    These scences were filmed in the french Alps. High mountain area sequences (snow) were shot at "Le Collet d'Allevard" (ski station). Music:
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    Bix3 fail - need suggestions

    Yeah, I went to maiden my Bix3 today, and it didn't go as well as expected. The maiden went fine, but wasn't such a long flight. I put her down on the field (keep in mind I'm a beginner. I've only flown a small 3ch, and the Bix3 is my first large plane.) I was a bit anxious, and moved the...
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    IMAX B6 input

    Hello. I just got my IMAX B6 charger, amongst other parts and a plane, and I got a power supply some months ago that should fit with the charger. It doesn't. The only info I could find at the time was that the outer diameter should be 5,5mm, and the inner should be 2,1mm for the DC jack. I got...
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    Just ordered a Bix3. Any tips?

    Heyo everyone! I just ordered a Bix3 today, and I've been thinking if there is anything I should be aware of before crashing it. Bought the PNF, have a transmitter and reciever and have also ordered a 2200mAh 3s Nano-Tech LiPo. Thanks! Nikolai
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    Bix 3 HELP

    I have just received my bix3 RTF.....sorta. The motor won't work and my right aileron won't work either. I have tried unplugging the connectors from the transmitter and putting them back on but nothing will work. Also, should I just tape my flaps because I don't use them? Thx, Eric
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    Do I have everything I need to get flying?

    Hey there! I have put together a list of what I am going to get from HobbyKing. I already have a Turnigy 9XR Pro, with a FrSky DJT module. Here's the list: Bix3 PNF Turnigy nano-tech 2200mAh 25~50C LiPo HobbyKing 1500mAh LiFePo4 battery for my transmitter Imax b6 charger A low voltage alarm...
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    Do I need to change anything of what I am going to get?

    Hey! Sorry, this is my 4th post, but I'd better be safe than sorry. I've put together a list of things I need to get, a Bix3 included. Here's the list of things I'm ordering from HobbyKing: The Bix3 PNF A Turnigy Nano-tech 2200mAh 3S 25~50C LiPo battery An IMAX B6 charger/discharger (will get a...
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    What are the specs on the Bix3 PNF?

    Hi there! Some may have seen my other post, and I have settled. I am getting a Bix3 PNF and a Turnigy 9X transmitter+reciever. The thing is, the specs for the Bix3 on the site do not specify something that I'd like to know. What is the default battery plug on the ESC? (If there is any. If...
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    Bix 3 Equivalent

    I would like to pick up a Bix3-like plane that can be outfitted with FPV, handles nicely, and can perform well in high winds. However, I cannot stand doing business with HobbyKing and will not order from them. What other planes are out there that are more or less the equivalent of the Bix 3...