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Bix 3 HELP


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I have just received my bix3 RTF.....sorta. The motor won't work and my right aileron won't work either. I have tried unplugging the connectors from the transmitter and putting them back on but nothing will work. Also, should I just tape my flaps because I don't use them?

Thx, Eric


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The flaps aren't cut out on the Bix3 are they? if they're not cut you can just leave them as is.

for the rest you're a bit low in information. for the motor you may need to try calibrating. have the throttle at max when you power on the receiver, then after it beeps, reduce the throttle to lowest.

and for the aileron check the connections, does it use a Y splitter ? does white go to white on all the connections.

Take pictures of everything and provide as much info as you can.


Flugzeug Liebhaber
Check to see if motor is rubbing foam. Clearance is tight and it is easy to get it off a little.

Swap aliron sero wire Ys out left to right and see if problem follows y harness, if not I would suspect servo problem.

Flaps are not secure from factory. I was tempted to tape skewers or paint sticks to hold flaps in place. After flying with them down on approach, they slow the plane significantly. If weight may be an issue, you may want to skip the servos.

You are doing right by taking your time and not rushing the build.

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