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Bixler 2 setup help needed.


Junior Member
Hi All,

I am very new to RC planes and have just bought myself a Bixler 2, i have put it together and tested (no flying yet).
i have found the COG and balanced the aircraft, but the lateral balance is off, the right wing seems heavier than the left wing, i can balance the plane by adding some weight to the left wing tip, but as it stands when i have the throttle up to about 50% (on ground) the plane automatically levels itself. Should this be the case or should it be completely balanced before the flight(nose and tail as well as laterally balance) ?

Thanks in advance for your help.


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Staff member
Ideally it should be balanced all the way around.

I'm going to guess the reason why it's leveling when you run up the motor is the motor is acting like a gyro and is helping balance the plane.


Junior Member
Thanks FlyingMonkey......i have the plane laterally balanced now......same issue now is when i give it more throttle it leans towards the left now......i guess i wont know for sure unless i take it up in the air, will keep you posted.

Any other suggestions ?