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bixler 2

  1. P

    Newbie here with a bixler 2 question

    I have a bixler 2 just starting to fly ,I like to take it up and glide down. When I'm gliding I hear the prop turning wondering if that is causing a significant amount of drag should I look for a folding prop and if so what one to get Thanks 😊
  2. Y

    Bixler 2 Gopro mount success on PNP Motor and electronics???

    So I have bought myself a Turnigy Action cam for my Bix2 and wanted to mount it on a spare canopy which I have done today. The Bixler is on totally PNP Electronics and I am using a 3s 2200mah and a 7x5e prop I think. It didn't want to take off at all even with flaps into the wind. I am having...
  3. Y

    Bixler 2 Set-up for a newbie

    Hey guys first time post here :cool: So a while back I got myself a bonsai wing from HK and put it together and needless to say I crashed that bad boy straight into the ground. Obviously I had never flown before and got myself something cool looking and fast! :o #FAIL Now I have got myself a...
  4. O

    wing flap servo suggestions for Bix.

    Need advice b4 buying 2 servos for a Bix2 for flaps, mainly to improve Vs and minimize gravel rash. What is recommended for the Bixler 2 ?. Would like to know who uses which and any pros and cons if any. thanks
  5. C

    ESC overheating??? RC Noobie here!

    I recently bought a bixler 2 (ARF). I put it together and plugged the esc into the motor, within 2 mins the esc was too hot to touch. What do you think is wrong?:( Note: i was running the motor with no prop at about 1/4 throttle for about 20sec but overheating didnt occur until about 2 min...
  6. M

    Bixler 2 Build - Take a shot at one of these!...

    Got this wonderful Bixler 2 thanks to a silly crash photo I submitted to HobbyKing, and the amazing folks out there were kind enough to virtually donate this airplane. I only paid 31 bucks including shipping, and while it was backordered, got here in less than 4 weeks. Imagine over that waiting...
  7. C

    Bixler2 Servo Wires

    Do I need to get servo extension wires for the Bixler 2? I got the kit version with the Turnigy 9g servos and the wires were very short. If I got the extra wires, the connectors would not fit into the little track in the wing. This is my very first plane, so I don't know a lot. Picture...
  8. I

    Bixler 3 almost completely confirmed...

    I can't be the only one who noticed this... I'm pumped regardless!
  9. Andre

    Bixler 2 FPV

    I had so many things to do at home but the weather was too good to pass up. Went flying. This is my HK Bixler 2 with Fat Shark FPV (Teleporter 2) and an OSD/GPS package from HK. Went up to 180 feet and enjoyed the view. The GPS was having some lock issues but I've been work on that so it was...
  10. Z

    Bixler 2 throws

    I'm putting my Bixler 2 together but I don't know what throws would be good for it. Does anyone know? :)
  11. K

    From Boats to Planes and Beach Flying - Bixler 2, Flyzone Sensei and Aircore

    Hi, so I've been lurking around here for a bit and have watched nearly half of all the FT videos the guys have on the YouTube channel. I'm new to RC planes, but I grew up building and racing nitro boats. Had a few cars too. Currently I have a nitro OS tunnel hull that I run every once in a...
  12. Arjan

    Bixler 2 plan

    Hi, I'm an newbie to the RC world, and a very newbie to this forum (actually, this is my first post:)). I'm into RC for about a year now, started to try and build my own quad copter, which sort of worked, but I couldn't get the thing flying smoothly.. End of summer 2012 ordered myself a Bixler...
  13. S

    Flexible electronics spec when moving from beginner to intermediate airframes

    I have spec'd up the following from combining various articles on forums and info from YouTube over the past several weeks, and would like the perspective from the professionals on here as to whether it will be suitable for use on the below airframes. I am looking to limit the cost when...
  14. FlyKVegas

    Getting my Bixler 2 to Flap!

    I'm putting my Bixler 2 together and forgot to order a servo reverser. What's the best course of action, reverse the orientation of the servo on the wing? But a servo reverser? Rewire the servo (let's nip that one in the bud, as I haven't gotten into soldering, yet). Also, best to glue the stip...
  15. A

    Make a wing from the Bixler packaging

    Why not recycle the EPS packaging box. 3 big flat pieces can be cut from the Bixler packaging box, surely that can be used to make a flying wing. I'm going to give it a go anyway.
  16. Y

    Bixler 2 setup help needed.

    Hi All, I am very new to RC planes and have just bought myself a Bixler 2, i have put it together and tested (no flying yet). i have found the COG and balanced the aircraft, but the lateral balance is off, the right wing seems heavier than the left wing, i can balance the plane by adding some...
  17. F

    First crash questions

    Took out my Bixler 2 the other day for my first flight. It was glorious! Lasted a whole 8 seconds :cool: . It broke a control horn on the elevator so I couldn't try again right away. Thinking of going out and trying again this evening, just have a question: The leading edge of one of my wings...
  18. P

    Bixler 2 and Turnigy 9X

    Hi all, i'm a newbie to RC flying, i bought a bixler 2 and turnigy 9x and few other little bits, i got all the bits sorted but i think i done the flaps setup wrong please can anyone guide me? cheer Lee
  19. B

    The bixler 2 in the french alps

    heres my new bixler 2 fully loaded with fpv and a gopro, no flaps yet though