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Bixler 2


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It will be interesting to see how the flying experience is compared to my scratch builds.
The Bix 2 is pretty heavy and slow, don't expect great vertical performance or sailplane like glide slopes, but it's still very stable and easy to fly. Just try not to bank too hard as it will want to fall out of the sky.


Fly yes... land no.
Thanks for the points.

Progress today.

Camera rig is progress.

Magnets to lock the camera down. So I can move it from plane to plane.

FPV gear sorted out.

So many wires. Not impressed.

Moved the OSD and added some zip ties.
I will order some shorter servo wire extensions.

OSD inside the fuse works better.


Fly yes... land no.
I've not flown the plane yet. I'm going to fly without the FPV gear and go from there.
Just rigging it all up and taking into account the CG.

Yes saw V3. Might be interesting.


Fly yes... land no.
Maiden flight was a complete success.
Flew in stock configuration.
8 min flight and the battery still showed 3.96V on each cell. So this will be a great slow flyer.

FPV tomorrow.

IMG_5099 copy.JPG


Fly yes... land no.

Nothing special but my reaction to the sailing nature was good. Specially after flying the T-28.

Today's goal is FPV.
My Bixler2 Review

I've been flying my Bixler2 for a solid year now with no real complaints. It flies and handles excellent. I bought it after frustration learning collective pitch helis and it sure has met my needs. I wanted a plane that was easy to fly, affordable and flexible if I wanted to FPV. Bottom line, I've got 4 planes in my hanger now and I keep coming back to the Bixler2 when I just want a relaxing fun flight even in windy conditions. I've flown it in gusty winds that were so strong it was bending my double-carbon spar quite readily and it was still quite controllable. I've included the build parts below as I am VERY satisfied. The motor is a tad more than required, but it's nice to be able to pull out of "whoopsies" when needed, while seemingly not sacrificing flight time.

Do a control surface check, every flight....WITHOUT QUESTION! :eek: Yea, I forgot to snap my elevator clevis and did a full throttle face plant on my second flight. Just dipped the nose in almost boiling water, it swells back up to normal, glue it back together and fly again! The EPO foam is very repairable. And don't be affraid to use packing tape on the nose and underbelly. Helps for the inevitable whoopsies and rough landings.

Bixler2 Kit

Turnigy D2826-6 2200kv

3.5mm Male/Female Bullet Brushless Motor Extension Lead 200mm

PolyMax 3.5mm Gold Connectors 10 PAIRS (20PC) For soldering onto the ESC (If yours doesn't come with connectors)

ESC I know, it is way too big, but they were sold out of everything else more appropriate. :) The motor calls for 35-40A ESC

HXT900 servos x 6 if you want flaps. 4 without flaps (I would order extra!)

Turnigy signal reverser for flaps

45CM Servo Lead Extention (JR) with hook 26AWG (5pcs/bag) (USA Warehouse)
Or you can simply splice the servo wires and extend them with your own wire as I did. But these are super easy.

APC Style Propeller 7x5R (Right Hand Rotation - 2pc)

Good luck!



Fly yes... land no.
I'm going to run with the stock motor for now but on my next HK order I'm tempted to pick up a 1000mha 3S to power my FPV gear leaving the flight battery alone.

This weekend I hope to do a lot of FPV flying.



Fly yes... land no.
Easter weekend this weekend... So I'm going to take my son with me to the flying field.
2nd receiver with a power pack all setup in the Bixler.
I'll pass the FatShark goggles to my son and let him control the pan/tilt of the camera.
Should be fun. I'll fly LOS but let him suggest direction and so on.


Fly yes... land no.

Good FPV flight yesterday.
Still working with Fat Shark on the camera colours.

Only real issue was my goggles fogged up so I had to remove them, drop the altitude and finish the flight of LOS.



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Here's my take on installing magnets to hold the wings in. All of the magnet mods I've seen put magnets in to hold the wings to each other. I did some test-fitting and found that the wings still had a lot of play relative to the airframe, which I didn't like. So I put magnets in the top and bottom of the wing cavity so that the wings would attach to the frame instead of to each other.