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Bixler Aileron Failure

I was so excited to get the bixler up in the air. I put a camera on the nose and shot video from the outside. I didn't get much footage because one of the ailerons ripped off. It was salvageable and now flies better than ever thanks to some CF rods and some CA hinges. Here is the video of the crash. Not a lot of good footage but it did record the crash. I will also post a video of it flying after with a flip camera in the cockpit.

Crash: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dHTdKqhjIEM

After: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hmyhtSAsQv4

Yeah, she flies very well. I love to put it up in a 15mph steady wind and just keep it in one spot as long as I can. My record is about 50 minutes on a 2650mah battery. BTW how do you do that with your signature to link to your youtube channel. I would like to do that if it is allowed...


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BTW how do you do that with your signature to link to your youtube channel. I would like to do that if it is allowed...
At the top of this page click on Forum Actions and then edit Profile, There you will find all your settings etc you can basically make what ever changes you like. What you want to look for is Signature and there you can add your link to your YouTube Channel :) Hope that helps.

50Min on 2650mah is fantastic!! I get around 30min on my Bixler but that's with all the FPV Gear and GoPro on it too. I'm using 2200mah batteries :) . . . BTW: I'm checking my Ailerons now . . just in case.

That is still pretty good time with the FPV stuff on there. Thanks for helping me out. The ailerons are only really held on there by a thin layer of foam so it is possible for them to come off easily.


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I know what you mean about the small amount of foam holding them, touch wood I just checked mine and they are all still good :) I've clocked up a lot of hours on my Bixler and its been a fantastic test platform, however it will retired early 2013.


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Nope. I've got many, many hours on my Bixler too. I did have one aileron partially come off, but I used (a very thin film of) hot glue to reattach it and it's solid. It's probably just the variability in the foam off the moulds - some have more foam on the hinges than others.

Just for the record, I'm using stock clevises, horns, speed snaps and servos, and have never had any issues, even when I used it as a slope soarer for a while... Must have got one of the good ones ;)
I secure my hinges. Cutting the foam off and adding Scotch super tough on top and bottom
Works perfect and lasts long - easy to replace if needed.

It is the same tape I use to reinforce the fuselage on my Bixlers and my Skywalker