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Bixler and Skywalker mid-air collision!

Title says it all. No planes where harmed ;)

We kind off chrashes into each other. Could have been allot worse.

Skywalker was using 5.8 GHz FPV
[Me] Bixler no FPV

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Arman, Nonamerc
Nice one! I've actually crashed with a V-Tail Glider into my mates Tricopter . . both aircraft went down!

Nice video nonamerc! I liked the music, what was it called?
Feel So Close - Calvin Harris

Good vid Nanomerc ! (I subbed).
No damage ?
Where are you located ?
Thank you very much for subscribing we only have 107 subscribers always wen we have a new subscriber ill tell my friend.
No damage at all!
We are located in Groningen, Haren.
(Ben jij ook actief op het fpvforum van sander)


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