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New and Energized here in Eastover/Fayetteville NC


Building Fool-Flying Noob

So for my Mid-life Crisis, I went on my 41st B-day and bought a cheap Blade Nano QX 3D from my local hobby store. While I was looking to educate myself on Quads and FPV I came across the flite test crew comparing some quads with FPV.

Next time I was on Youtube it suggested I watch a Build Video. After the intro piece where Josh Bixler explained Flite Test's Vision and mission to bring affordable RC to all who want it, then followed with the swap-able concept. He had me at affordable RC.

I am a Civil/Structural engineer by training and have loved to take a concept, make plans, and build my thoughts into reality. I do it all day, so you think it wouldn't be my leisure. Well I enjoy woodworking, Sewing, and building/fixing whatever I can. When I saw that for ~$1, and some common supplies, I too can make a flyable glider. (and re-live my youth with better results) and I may be able to share this joy with my sons, starting now with my 7yr old.

As many young kids, I bought styrofoam glider kit (4ft wings) and promptly tanked it into the ground, breaking the wing with no idea how to fix it, and nearly cried at my hard earned money destroyed in seconds. I've always been fascinated with flying things (kites stood fast for years) but dismissed it as too expensive. My joy of flying things took a big hit that day, but it wasn't crushed. Reinvigorated when I visited my Great Uncle George who took us up in his Cesna every visit.

So with the quad being so EASY to fly I was excited to see how simple and affordable these FT builds were. And I've been excited about this new opening door of FT should be. I then held myself up and said wait, Mr. FoamyDM, the foam may be a dollar, but just how much is everything else going to cost? I said if I can't get in for $100, I should stop myself right now. I just don't have that kind of money to throw around.

then I found the 100mph, for $100 episode. and checked it all out. Then I knew I was done for.

Just yesterday was a delivery of all the parts I ordered and am excited to finish the 4 planes I built in the 3 weeks it took. (Plus the Sparrow my son is building). I also decided that if I can find FPV for under $100 I was in with that too. They all arrived at the same time. I'm worried about how this has enabled me in my addiction to design/build.

In the time I've waited I have built the FT Simple Soarer, the FT Tiny Trainer (both wings) the FT Mini Arrow and because it just looks SO cool, the FT Mini Corsair. Corsair 1.JPG Corsair2.JPG . I know the Corsair is for when I get some comfort first.

ANYWAY - I'm excited to be part of this community and the hobby (finally after 30 yrs). and Thank you Flite Test!

I would love to build an ornithopter one day and see if I can't dress it like a dragon for all the D&D players out there, mine mainly. I'd love this forum's help to make this a reality. It just seems like soo much fun.

I'd like to issue a Challenge:
Can you build a Dragon-like Ornithopter model?


Wake up! Time to fly!
Ahhhhhnnnnd the hook is set!!!

Welcome to the madness. Have your family start production on a way to lock down your wallet. It may be cheaper starting but the addiction over time is still like crack.

As for your challenge since you mentioned sewing. I say you start it using bbq skewers to do a bird like (or pterodactyl if you please) skeletal wing and some cloth for semi realistic wings. Then see if someone can mod it to function better. then they pass it on to the next person for the next addition. I'll be over in my comfy chair with popcorn watching the results :)


Building Fool-Flying Noob
HA HA That's great! I like the idea, I'm going to start with your idea with the skewers.... Question is. Where do I find design information? Any hints?

I picked up a quad pack of motors for the A power pack, and built some more Planes so I spent this weekend hooking nearly all of them up. due to it being early in the school season, the weekends leave little time

My son's Sparrow chuck glider build worked well, and looks great. IMG_0611.JPG IMG_0612.JPG IMG_0613.JPG IMG_0614.JPG His Exclamations of, "Wow, that's awesome!" made the Taping worth it. The paper is his final color scheme.
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Wake up! Time to fly!
Da Vinci might be a good person to research for the paleo wings. Any wizard picture or movie usually has a bird/dragon skeleton with wings to draw info from too.

Tell Quinn that looks great. It has a nice colorful design to it now. Now all that is needed is some video of the mayhem and giggles I am sure have already occurred for us to enjoy too. Maybe set him up his own build and fly thread here as this is family oriented and may draw the attention of the Josh's to feature or recognize.


Building Fool-Flying Noob
PsyBorg Good Idea... I had a great idea on the way home about the dragon-thopter I'll sketch something up and start a thread documenting the journey. Most of it hinges off of the idea that the motion is not just up and down, but an elliptical wing orbit, and how to do it, and also using vacu-forming to design/build Dragonfly wings. somehow this will all tie in. I know it.

I'd love to See FT take on the Challenge.


Wake up! Time to fly!
I saw a video today I should have saved the link. Someone had maidend a dragon ornithopter that was pretty neat. There is also somewhere I saw as well I think it was college kids doing the full motion wings based on the hawk or eagle if I remember correctly. Its been too long since I seen that stuff and went Oh that's cool. Anyway a little bit of you tube searching and browsing I am sure you will see much inspiration.

Just this quick search came up with lots of stuff.. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=dragon+ornithopter

EDIT: I was wrong it wasn't a dragon. I found full video it was a pterosaur

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Winter is coming
Great seeing your enthusiasm for your new found hobby! I love that you are sharing it with your son who's obviously just as enthusiastic about it. This is what I love about this hobby.


Building Fool-Flying Noob
Help - Where do I find GEARS?

Where's the Best place to get Gears and Pinions, it's not like I can just find-em and a Big-Box Store...

Any thoughts?
Do a search on Google for Eagle Skeleton. Looks at Images.
You'll find several mounts of bones only in various positions. It a very interesting search regardless of your ambitions, but if you want to do a dragon it's a great place to start.
There are also "flapping wing" type self propelled bird models out there that actually fly by flapping their wings. Sorry I forget their correct name, orthinomething.
Other is a project going on, in Sweeden I think, for a robotic rc seagulls, it's full size and does actually fly but I have not been able to learn much about it due to language.
Welcome to the forum, there is no need to explain to us why and there is no use trying.to explain to them who don't understand.
Looks like a Dragon to me.

Actually there are theories that the concept of a flying Dragon actually came from the ancients (Egyptians, Medes, Persians, them ancients) found Fossella of prehistoric critters. Not having a way to explain them they assumed the fossils to be the bones of flying dragons and other beasties that we call mythological.

Btw. I also did a you tube search, on "rc flying Dragon" found a vid from Japan or China , or another fascinating Asian country, of a rc flying Dragon. Sorry I cans post a link form this device
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Building Fool-Flying Noob

I'm with you on theories of Dragon folklore origin. I have a taken a break from the big ambitions as the could "simple" planes have failed to fly for me. Typically, It's user error. (servo backwards such that corrective action makes the problem worse.) This has been frustrating and yet I feel like I have been learning a great deal.

I was thinking a center servo to control the in-out of the wing. (on maybe a dial) and the tail on as a elevon setup for general controls with the flapping on a motor. and the wings actuated to fold on the upstroke.

I have built a great number of planes and have yet to be able to set them aloft for more than 1 minute. I need to put gear on these to allow them to take off from the ground. Servo reversals aren't fatal there.

Last one was a my own modification - 60% FT Explorer. I have a fiend who wishes to enter the hobby and I want him and his boys to have a couple great starter planes to use with the A pack motor with 2S for docile flight. I shrunk it down for that reason.

So far the rudder was backwards the flight was 5s. With a spectacular crash with help of a moderate wind. Rebuild and today - much softer crashing. at least enough to notice it was do to a backward rudder on a 2-ch setup. :eek:

I am getting better on the simulator though. I'm not getting as turned around on the LOS stuff. FPV is like a video game to me.