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Bixler Maiden With New Pilot

Brian fred carr

Site Moderator
Dont give in....I smashed loads but i kept going because the elation when you
get it right well makes up for the early hardships also your missus was laughing
with you (I am sure mine laughs at me) and that has to be a bonus.....keep flying
Thanks for posting. I really enjoyed the flights. Reminds me of when I go fly. Every time I touch my son's super cub, I pile drive it into the ground. We have a Bixler too, only flew it a few times (3 battery cycles) and I am the only one to crash it...

I am amazed at how much abuse this plane can take and still keep going. Keep up the great work and post more videos as you go. Thanks for sharing!
Yeah me too. But I do have to pull rank on him when he objects. Although, I think he secretly hopes I crash it beyond repair so he can get a new plane :)


ARG=almost ready to glue
As Bixler says " Take it up 2 mistakes high"... Having never flown before you are asking for trouble flying 20 feet off the ground, inverted and underpowered.

Ak Flyer

Fly the wings off
Man, you have the right attitude for this. Looks like you were having fun from beginning to end. Your wife is awesome. Not only is she putting up with it she seems to be enjoying the heck out of it.

Altitude.......is you friend. Get er up three mistakes high. The biggest problem I see with new pilots is they are afraid to get it up where there's clear sky. Go up a hundred feet and you will have plenty of time to get out of all of those situations.