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Blade MSR

Anybody have any suggestions for DX6i settings for the MSR. There is no shortage of suggestions online. Almost too many. Wondered if anyone on this forum had a suggestion.


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Probably sounds couter-intuitive, but . . . Stock Aero.

It was designed to run on that and you'll get more out of having the craft properly trimmed, balanced and serviced than you ever would out of any advanced heli settigns. Setting a dual rate on pitch/roll (right stick on Mode 2) to about 70-90% isn't a bad idea, though.

The only minor exception would be the heli mode can give you throttle curve settings, but in all fairness, it's almost better to learn to hold an altitude in hover the hard way on a linear throttle. That way, when you move up to something bigger and fancier, you're fingers instinctively counter momentum by overshooting, then back off to the sweet-spot, or in Fast Forward Flight (FFF), you balance throttle and pitch to maintain altitude and airspeed.

BTW, Welcome to the forum!
Thanks for the fast reply!

What you said makes sense. I will stick with the stock settings. I probably will go with the dual rate settings as well. These seem like a good balance between 100% and the stock low rates. I think the stock low rates are closer to 60%. I might be wrong.

Regardless, thanks again for the advice!

Thanks for the welcome as well. I really think I will find these forums to be a better home than some of the others I have cruised.

As a bonus... I live right down the street from Flite Test HQ... Looking forward to the next Open House.