1. FTNoob18


  2. OGnapkin

    New transmitter under $200

    I am looking to get an upgrade from my DX6i and do not want to spend more than $200. what would be a good upgrade with more functionality?
  3. ItMightFly

    DX6i Two Throttle Channel Mixing

    So, trying to put a Superbee together, and getting ready to maiden. One slight problem, I can't figure out how to mix two throttle inputs. Being new to mixing channels, I don't think I have it right. I open the Adjust List, click on my MIX 1, then set it to look kinda like this: THRO-> GEAR ACT...
  4. S

    New Spectrum DX6i for sale, never used

    SOLD - New Spectrum DX6i for sale, never used SOLD I bought this a couple years ago to do a build I never did. I decided to go a different direction so I'm selling the Spectrum DX6i. It does not have an receiver with it. Since it's been sitting for a couple years and NiMH battery's have a...
  5. S

    Homemade Tray Radio *PICTURES*

    Good Evening All, I always wanted a tray radio because I fly with the "pinch" technique. I've been eyeing up the Taranis X9E for a while, but I can't really shell out the cash. I also considered buying a tray for my Spektrum DX6i but those seemed cheap and flimsy. So I went into my garage...
  6. D

    Trying to "tame" a Vortex 150

    I'm moderately new to the hobby and recently bought a Vortex 150 from Flite Test. As usual, the order was quickly filled. Binding to a Spektrum DX6i was no problem, but the quad is almost too much for me to handle in the horizontal mode. With the ailerons and elevator I've dialed down the...
  7. B

    Receiver for SPEKTRUM DX6i transmitter

    I'm just starting the hobby, though I've been looking over the fence at it for years. Today I ordered the 3-pack starter planes to train on, and the Bloody Baron. And for electronics, I bought the "B Series" power kit. I was watching Josh B. explain hooking up electronics. He started with...
  8. M

    Spektrum binding issues

    I have a spektrum DX6i transmitter and an AR636 reciever, I am following all the undoing steps for the receiver and it won't. Bind. I insert the binding plug, connect the flight battery, then step away at least 6 feet (recommend by Spektrum Support), power on transmitter in bind mode, I get a...
  9. 1

    New OrangeRx R620X V2 6Ch Sbus Receiver/ Maybe

    I cant get my V2 R620 to work with my DX6i. It will bind but on cleanflight receiver tab it does nothing. Using naze 32 with rx serial made and sbus serial recevier provider and the rx one uart2 on receiver is Sbus What should I do?:mad:
  10. K

    Throttle Mixing - DX6i No Good..Other radios?

    Please help me! I am trying to build a special new type of quadcopter and I need to try mixing from elevator to throttle but my DX6i doesn't allow it. I am willing to purchase another radio (granted its a reasonable price for a student like myself) if that radio has the mixing. Keep in mind...
  11. NuckNogAir

    Apprentice S15 Questions

    I bought the Apprentice and a DX6i transmitter. I am having extreme difficulty on the setup of this machine so far as getting it to fly like an intermediate plane. I currently have the flap switch setup to alternate between beginner and advanced modes but even switching the toggles on the...
  12. S

    QAV400 ARF, Transmitter, LiPo

    Hey Everyone, Have a partially assembled Luminier QAV400 that I need to sell, along with my Spectrum Transmitter. Everything is new and in perfect condition, I bought the Build it Yourself kit from getfpv.com and due to other obligations have never been able to finish it. This quad has amazing...
  13. P

    How can I adjust my throttle so that my quadcopter needs less stick to stay up

    I have this (admittedly fragile but) nicely flying 230 quadcopter. I'm using the KK flight controller. I can do nice banked turns and stuff, but I need to keep the throttle at 60-70%, rather than the 50% I would expect. I also have to "emergency compensate" with the throttle more than on my 450...
  14. S

    Spektrum DX6i not properly connecting to Naze32 through Cleanflight

    Hello all, This is my first build, a QAV250. I am using a friend's DX6i in order to save money for the time being. I purchased an OrangeRx r615x to go with it. The naze32 came in the mail today and I have been following along with Flite Test's Naze32 video. I have done the accelerometer...
  15. S

    SAFE on DX6i

    Hello guys, Yesterday I bought the HobbyZone F4U Corsair S (looks awesome) and I bound it to my DX6i. However, I dont know how SAFE works on the DX6i. The guys at the hobbyshop where I bought the plane said that it was perfectly possible to use SAFE on my DX6i, but there is no 3-modes switch...
  16. T

    How do i program DX6I for drag rudder. AKA differential Yaw !!HELP!!

    Hello, I'm just finishing up a flying wing I designed. I just picked up a new Spektrum DX6i and I'm having trouble figuring out mixes. Its a traditional elevon setup however I have drag brakes on each wing (similar to the B-2), each with their own servo. How do I setup so that when left (or...
  17. S

    Spektrum DX6i or DX5e?

    Hello, I recently ordered the components to build a FT Flyer (and Delta later on), but I still have to order the transmitter and receiver. I am going to visit a local hobbyshop this weekend, and I was planning to buy the DX6i with an AR400 4 CH receiver. This will cost me about €130. However, I...
  18. I

    Setting up 2 motors with DX6i

    I need some help. I have a twin motor cargo plane I have built and I have both motors running but one runs faster than the other. Does anyone have any settings for the DX6i to help me out. I would like to run one motor in the throttle channel and the other in the aux position. If I need to get a...
  19. L

    Radio settings for flip 1.5 using DX6i

    Hello All, Doing first multirotor build with my son. Did the Electrohub kit with RTF build kit including the 1.5. for Quadcopter. Everything went together well, but we are having electronic issues. I believe we need the correct settings for the DX6i. I have not been able to find them as the...
  20. K

    Elevon/Flaperon Mixing on DX6i

    I have been searching for how to do this an normally i just try and find an answer but it seems that the answer is eluding me. i modified a titan foam chuck glider and added elevons but no ailerons and the plane flew fantastic as a simple trainer. i wanted to add aileron+Flaps to start...