Bloody Wonder - UK foamboard build advice - move the power pod further forward


Has anybody else noticed that the heavy UK foamboard requires modification to the CG on the Bloody Wonder, and likely others too?

I built the V2 Bloody wonder as per instructions however have found that a 2200 battery needs to protrude about half an inch or so forward of the fuselage (quite close to the prop!) and I also filled the front of the fuselage with a couple of small rocks up against the firewall in order to balance correctly. If I make another one I'll move the fuselage forward a 2-3 inches in order to get a better balance point and hopefully not have to use rocks! You might want to try the same.

Next flight I think I'll temporarily move the swappable pod forward a few inches and secure with an elastic band to check a better balance point. I snapped my firewall skewers off in a recent crash, but the pod is tight into the fuselage so not affected by the torque; I think it'll be fine for a gentle test flight whilst protruding.

IMG_20140429_211224 _ Flickr - Photo Sharing!_2014-05-07_16-42-57.png

As a sidenote, the NACA duct makes a great "nyaaaaaaaahhh!" sound when divebombing, just like a real plane!