Help! First build - battery placement with simple soarer and power pod


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Hi - first time builder here. My son and I are working on a simple soarer with a power pod. Almost done, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to cram the battery inside. We're using the 1300mAh battery thats recommended. I have a couple concerns:

1) The double folded area at the top of the fuselage where the retaining skewers are installed - I had to put a third layer here because the fuselage would not fit down far enough into the power pod for the firewall holes to align with anything. This makes it a bit thicker and prevents the battery from fitting - though it doesn't look like it would it would fit anyway.

2) The battery clearly needs to be mounted as far forward as possible for CG...but the wood screws are poking through the firewall and would hit the battery. Minor issue...I could cushion them with foam board, but the battery doesn't fit anyway due to previous issue.

I've considered mounting the battery externally under the nose and built a little foam board box to protect it a little...since the glider would then be essentially landing on the battery. I could velcro and strap everything in place and cut a small hole for the battery cable. This seems the best to me (with the added benefit of not having to take it apart for battery access), but my son is concerned about landing on the battery.

Thoughts? Help? Thank you!


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You might get away with landing (on grass) on the battery but it could easily get damaged (not good with a LiPo) in any sort of "arrival". Foam board FlightTest planes are fairly tough so even if the soarer survives some damage to the LiPo is quite likely. In addition even a broken plane can be easily repaired however a LiPo cannot under any circumstances and for safety must be disposed of. Apart from any risks it could also get expensive.
If a 1300mAh is recommended it does look like you must have deviated from the plane is some way. As a result you may have to go back an modify the fuselage a bit to get the intended battery in or maybe use a smaller battery that will fit and suffer the reduced flight time?


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From a been there did that prospective, battery on top of fuselage outside with something to stop it going forward. I favor string tape for this.

Proper solution is smaller battery, or removing 3 rd layer of FB, or modifying the fuse so it works to plan. The reinforcement layer seems to mostly stop skewer hole failure. Once again I use string tape for the rescue.
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