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"Blucore Wing" w/Dollar Tree Foam

I saw a post from FlyingMonkey here about this plane and decided to build it.

thread link: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=497083&highlight=fff+wing

The plane flies awesome! My maiden flight was in 10-15 mph winds and it handles wind like a champ! The wing is also extremely durable. The first flight, I nosedived trying to land and it just crinkled the nose a little. In the video you can see that I landed pretty rough and hardly any damage.

Here is the video of my second flight.

I am a beginner pilot and am just getting into wings from RET planes.

and here is a still from the video.
plane blucore.jpg


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Fun, isn't it? I'm working up the ambition to build another 5' version of this. It made an awesome FPV platform.

Some of the guys used expanding foam in the leading edge of the wing to make it even more rigid.