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Pumpkin drop event

Boldclash f08 aio fpv camera with dvr

This is a brand new product and it works as it should, there is no lag or reduced frame rate when recording so fpv racing etccan be recorded directly on the camera ,
Weight is 5.44 grams so not as light as some fpv camera but not too much of a porker considering it records!:cool:
Video is not high definition though and I'm looking forward to the time when it is but for now this a pretty neat solution for recording without an extra DVR and still get a nice clear picture regardless of signal quality because it's recording at the camera end.
And at $29 or so is cheap enough!

I was just wondering... I just tested mine out on a tiny whoop and my footage is far from as clean as yours. IN fat it looks like something my goggles recorded. Is there something I may have missed? Kinda disappointed at this moment.