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Boston flyers/builders

Hey guys I recently got into the hobby and am blown away with both the development of tech as well as the amazing community out there. I've been dreaming to do something like this as a kid but resources and knowledge was limited...that's all changed. Needless to say I'm addicted and i can tell that just like golf has become a lifelong joy of mine, this will be too. Anyways, flying fields and just gathering places are hard to find around the city but I really want to build up a strong rc community so we can all enjoy this process together. Let me know if anyone else is relatively close and I'd be happy to coordinate some type of activity centered around flying or building so we can all get acquainted. Let me know. As an aside, I really want to marry the electric tech and scale it up for life sized builds that people can cheaply make and fly themselves because I basically got priced out of trying to become a professional pilot and its rotten that I cant develop something I have a passion for simply because of money
Thank you sir! I look forward to sharing my progress with everyone, it helps to live in a city chalk full of amazing minds and schools. But more important than that is where your heart is. Is your objective strictly to make money?! If so, websites like this wouldn't exist and I have to n.v give major props to all the people who contribute to an online community such is this. I hope in the future this idea of free flowing information to help develop something as a whole for everyone catches on with more nd kore fields of study. Of course making a little money should also be an objective, but it shouldnt come at the expense of everything else....anyways happy flying from here in the states! Maybe one day we will be able to do transoceanic fpv flights with our little models!