Help. Ideas for a competition.


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I'm a beginner at building planes. I'm having a competition that will be held in 2 months time. So the main rounds in the competition is flying around a set of poles (first round without additional weight) , and the second round is flying with a load and dropping it in a drop zone ( Golf balls will be carried as load. More the golf balls the better, as each golf ball dropped gives more points).

Some of the main rules...
1. The wing span of the plane shouldn't be more than 1.2 metres
2. Thrust to weight ratio should not exceed 1 ( without the load)
3. Diameter of the propeller shouldn't exceed 12 inches.
4. Only electrical components should be used.
5. Use of gyroscopes (gyros), flight controllers and programming assistance are prohibited

Please help me by suggesting some design ideas, the components that I can use for the build, and the amount of load I can carry with it( number of golf balls I can carry to give me a good amount of points).



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Check back on the first post you put up here: