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Hello all. I'm new to flying and have been watching the flite test YouTube channel for a while now.

I am curious as to what would be a good plane to start with. I was browsing the store and thought that this might be a good one to start with. Ehat do you guys think?


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I had that plane, it was great. It got me in the air in smaller spaces but it needs very low winds to fly, it’s super light and is easily blown away.
Safe/as3x does work well, but it will teach you a few bad habits that can take time to shift when you want to step up to something else. The intermediate mode on the Sport Cub is really hard to fly in. I found it needed lots of tweaking to stop the software pitching the nose up and stalling all the time. It’s less of a problem in advanced. The motors on the Sport Cub also wear out fast. My first one lasted 4 weeks, flying three times a week.
For the price of that you could build and equip an FT kit plane like the Simple Scout, Cub, Tiny Trainer or buy a cheaper RTF like the Wiltoys 949 which is a basic 3 channel trainer RTF for 1/3rd the price of the Sport Cub.
If you build an FT plane (I like the Tiny Trainer for starting) then it’s easy to repair with spare foamboard, you can fix crash damage cheaply and the radio equipment can be transferred to new planes when you move on or one is destroyed. The TT can be built as a chuck glider, 2ch glider, 3ch powered trainer or 4ch which will do full acrobatics.


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The HobbyZone Sport Cub is a great plane to learn with. SAFE is a great system, just don’t let it become a crutch, get off is as soon as possible.

Build your own or buy a plane is a personal choice. Buying is quicker, building is cheaper. Building will also teach you the skills needed to repair your plane. Everyone eventually needs to repair their plane, it only a question of WHEN.


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Thank you all for your thoughts. I've been thinking I'd get this plane and then if needed print a design to cut out of foam board to build another plane and use the parts from this one once this one would be no longer fly able or repairable.

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If you plan on an ft standard size plane, don’t go with he simple cub, go with the old speedster. I have both and the old speedster is WAY easier to fly. The champ is easy to fly, and the spot cub s should be even more beginner friendly. Good luck!