Help! Budget FPV setup....


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Here is a really good hint: buy used
You can get goggles for really cheap used if you get lucky. I am waiting for a deal right now, no one wants to sell skyzones tho…
Whole lotta fatshark hdo and hd3… if you want analog you can get hd3 for ~200-250 used with module.

I need a goggle that can do 720p for the sharkbyte system. It all depends on what you want to get out of it.

FYI people have done miles on 25mw


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Sooo.. I just had a thought...
I have a good phone and a good laptop...
Would something like this.. be decent??
That will work.

There will be a fair amount of latency. You might not feel it but i would. Also a phone would probably be better in this case because when you put it on a big screen like a computer you will be zooming in on the blurry ness and making a bad image Look worse.

And yes I look at eBay, also a site called offer up but I dunno if they have that outside of US.