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Hi guys, looking for some help again. My DIY 3D printed quad has been flying decently. All of a sudden it is drifting right. When I first lift off it hovers in place, but within a few seconds it begins drifting right AND drifts faster and faster right. I can counter it by inputing stick left but over a minute or so I cant keep it in place with stick command. The right drift is too strong to counteract. The FC is a HGLRC.

Thanks for any help!

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Start by plugging the flight controller into betaflight and calibrate the accelerometers.

After that go to the receivers tab and make sure channels are centered best you can at 1500.

Once you do that watch each channel in your case mainly roll and see how much off that 1500 center your controller drifts.

If it bounces say between 1498 and 1503 set the dead zone for 5 so any signal from 1495 to 1505 is ignored.

That should account for drift caused by worn gimbals. If it continues drifting after that come back and I can point you to a video how to adjust for that drift out in the field as needed.


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In addition to PsyBorg's recommendation, make sure nothing has gotten knocked loose and is vibrating. A lot of sudden drifts can be caused by loose/cracked parts causing the gyro/accelerometer to go bonkers. I had something as simple as a wire close to the FC getting buffeted by the props and hitting the board cause similar issues. Similar issue with bent props....