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Bushwacker Flight time length census?


Master member
Yes the DEVO 7 is a great radio, but it's interface is not easy by any means.... I've visited the Deviation website many times but it's not a site that supports the 7 model, only pretty much ALL the other models: Devo 6/8/9 and 7E/10 and 12E

There may be a way to make it work, but with reading the manual ENDLESSLY Iv'e not found a way to make it work.
thanks for the ideas and support though. I've not totally given up, just need to keep playing with radio until I've exhausted all avenues. The little V-Tail mixer device may be my solution though. at $3 it seems like it would be a cheap easy method to have best of all worlds.

Understand same reason I tried Open Transmitter and now I run Spektrum so much easier and will do everything that OT will do but easier.
Eventually I'd like to change over to the Spektrum, but for right now I can't justify it. The Radio has been perfect up until adding separate flaps.
I must have spent about three hours last night trying to figure it out. I have it so that my ailerons are individually controlled from my flaps and my flaps have three different positions, Nuetral, Pos1 and Pos2.. but I can't figure out how to adjust each position to what I want. I'm sure there is a way but I haven't figured it out yet. Worst manual ever!

Anyone with Devo 7 experience and how to set up Split flaps and Ailerons please feel free to chime in!