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CAD model for Kraken

Hi Guys,

We're watfly a company looking to make an E-vtol ultralight aircraft. We're quite early, so we're currently working through scaled prototypes. We've already demonstrated vertical take off and landing on a dart (https://store.flitetest.com/flite-test-dart-electric-airplane-kit-flt-1056/p753570) and we're currently working towards demonstrating vertical take off and landing on a Kraken (https://store.flitetest.com/flite-t...electric-airplane-kit-1790mm-flt-1021/p673685 ). Does any one have a cad model for the kraken?


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Are You speaking of a full on 3D model (which I don't have), or the PDFs converted to CAD for laser cutting (which I do)?


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In the spirit of the community, not sure helping a commercial company works. Considering I can not legally get paid for a model of flite tests Intelectual Property. Helping a commercial company seems insane. Said company should be contacting flite test directly.