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Calibrate ESC?


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Did you do each esc separately? If your esc's didn't come with instructions Google your brand and model of esc and see if you can find programming instructions for it, most of mine you wait for 4 consecutive beeps and the type of beep changes as you get to the next feature .

If all that is good try just Y'ing the two esc's together and plugging into one port and then see if they start up equally. If they start equally then there is something going on with the mix in the TX.
I built the Sea Duck and have followed the FT instructions for setting up differential thrust (https://www.flitetest.com/articles/differencial-thrust-setup-on-a-spektrum-dx9).

The motors do not throttle up equally. Using the newer FT C-Pack twin with my DX6e, I calibrated the ESC's (TX to full throttle, plug in the flight battery, beeps 2x, throttle down, beeps again.) The problem persists.

Any suggestions?
Look to verify that the motor that spins up second doesn’t have any super tight screws that is making the motor harder to spin. Also check the back of the motor where the shaft clip is. This must be completely free or it will rub and the motor will require more power to begin. Also, Check to see if you have left or right trimming that would cause the thrust to be different at the props. Please let me know if that doesn’t make sense lol I may have worded it poorly.
I changed it to a standard "Y" configuration (no differential thrust) and the right motor is still pulling harder. I swapped motors left to right and right to left and the right side still pulls harder. The propellers are identical except for the c/cw rotation. So we know its not a motor issue. I think the ESC on the left side is the problem. Sound right?
I swapped the ESC's left to right and right to left. Now the left side is pulling harder. Sounds like an ESC issue to me. Is there a way to reprogram them? These are the FT 35A ESCs that come with the newer C-Pack kit.


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Find the program sheet for the esc's and set them both back to factory default and then try it again.

What brand and model of esc do you have?
I took the FT ESCs out and put in 30A Emax ESCs (from the older C-Pack kit). Everything it working properly now. But I need to figure out what the problem is with the other ESCs.