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Camera "pod" for Freewing 64mm A-10


Master member
While I still haven't maidened it yet, I wanted a good camera mount for my 'Hawg. The large centerline droptank is held to the plane via two magnets, holding it into a molded recess on the bottom of the aircraft. I picked up a sheet of 1/4" balsa, cut it into a basic pylon shape (two halves), glued magnets into carved-out areas, then glued the two halves together. With a sanding block, I shaped the profile to fit the recess, then cut a notch at the bottom for a Velcro strap, glued a platform that matches my Matecam, and produced what should be a decent camera mount. Hold seems to be strong, and the view should be good.

I'll probably seal the wood and paint it soon, but it's usable as-is.

Pay no mind to the date and time on the video. It needed reset, which has to be done by editing a file while the camera is hooked to the computer.

Camera View and Taxi Test