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Can I Power a Graupner GR-12L Receiver Directly with a 1S 750mAh Battery?

I picked up a Revolution Ascent MTX Micro Glider for ten bucks at a hobby shop closing down. Thought it'd make a fun project playing around with things I usually don't. I need to save as much weight as possible considering the size of the battery compared to the size of the plane and need to know if I can plug a single-cell battery directly into the receiver to power it. The battery is an E-Flite 1S 750mAh 25C battery. There aren't any servos, just two micro brushed motors using differential thrust for making turns. Making a connector is easy enough, but when you only have two receivers and not a lot of cash to throw at another one, I'd really appreciate some expert advise before I burn up a receiver or lose it to the skies. Thanks.
Yup! As long as the motors will run off of a 1s the rx can directly take 3.5-8.4 volts. If you want to add servos the 5 gram servos that flitetest sells will run off a 1s as well.