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Can I use this motor for the FT Bushwacker and Storch.


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That's a really generic motor, but if it's anything like the racerstar motor it'll do about 900grams of thrust with a 9050 prop running on a 3s battery. So it should fly both models fine. But I would go with something a little less generic. You can go with the racerstar brand on banggood.com, ships from China, and it's only 4.99 us dollars, if money is a factor for you that is.


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That's a very common cheap motor. There are different speed versions - 960kv (sometimes listed as 1000kv), 1400kv and 2200kv.

I think that the 960kv one would be better. If you look around, you should be able to find one as a set with 30 amp ESC and 10x4.5 propeller for around $10 or 700 rupees.

Here it is with the propeller. If you can't find the 960kv version, this one will work, but don't run it at full throttle for too long.
uggghhhhh.... yeah that motor will get the job done but I REALLY think you should get the emax gt2215/09. It's an amazing motor and will last you twice as long.


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I've used the 1000kv version of that very motor on my Nutball AND my Bushwacker. It flies great, better than the 1400kv Hobbystar, which was more of a handful than I wanted for the Bushwacker.


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That depends on how hard it hits the ground. I always used the cheapest motor that I can find, that will produce the power I'm looking for. I don't believe I have ever worn out a motor from to much use. It's an impact with the ground that ends their life.

This is where a better quality motor would actually save you money in the long run. I have a pile of cheaper motors with bent shafts that I cannot get replacement parts for. My Emax brand o myr better motors have never bent a shaft or given my problems except with one where it dove straight down wide open and hit blacktop. Found the parts shaft broke and it is back to flying.


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I have a pile of cheaper motors with bent shafts that I cannot get replacement parts for.
I agree, to a point. When you hit hard enough, something is going to break. Making the shaft harder will just move the breaking point somewhere else. I build my planes so hopefully the power pod gives way first. I replace a lot of power pods and occasionally have a bent shaft.

Regarding bent shafts, you can easily make your own if you have blank stock that is the correct size. An electric drill, a dremel and a steady hand is all you need.