Who has dropped the most bombs?


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Watching the battleship episode, I found myself wondering about the standard servo bomb drop mechanism. Given all the variables working against you, it seems really complicated for a single drop. I recently built the scout and I noticed in the video the mechanism would support 2 independent drops, one from each wing. What bombs has everyone build that might do better then 2? What mechanisms work for these? I would love to see how people have tackled the challenge of the mechanical release of lots of independent drops. I can see opportunistic for dropping 'racks' which would separate or even for a continuous rotation servo to somehow drive a longer release mechanism on either wings or pushing out the back. Please share your successes and failures! I am just excited to see what people have tried.

Aside: One of my earliest introductions to RC was my friends father who flew balsa gassers. My friend mentioned they used flour balloons for bomb drops as they make really clear marks when dropped. Has anyone tried it?


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I like that idea!

I prefer to use a simple brushed motor with an esc vs hacking a servo. Just seems easier to me...

Most hardware stores will have springs of various sizes like that...


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Since they featured my bomb design I thought I'd jump in here with another design I have...


It would be very easy to put many of these along a large wing for dropping. Similarly, you could have a single bay with racks that hold many bombs that just drop when the doors open. While the bomb as-designed does not particularly scale down well for printing, you could scale it WAY down and print the parts solid... to an extent. The fin assembly as-designed has only 2 walls of filament if you are using a 0.4mm nozzle. You would have to print that will a much finer nozzle diameter. The other option at that size is to not print the fins and just use some cardstock.