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Can you guess what I'm building?


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Whatever it is, I'm impressed, although doesn't all that wood get in the way of the foam? And I'm not sure how well fiberglass wets out over a hollow frame... ;)

Is it a Bird? is it a Plane? Well yeah... it is a plane but it's a.... SUPER CUB!

EDIT: damn beaten to it by trying to be witty...


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Hehe - yeah I'm a Kiwi not an Aussie... we're kinda the same but we're often far more attractive, taller and more intelligent :D

We have a slight flaw in that we type a little slower than our Australian friends. Oh and just quietly... Crowded House... Kiwi group... You can keep Quade Cooper though (Kiwi Aussie in house references :D )
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So Teach, this is my first winter I have to endure. What do you usually do to keep your mind off the lack of flying?


After you've asked your parents why they chose to live in such an environment, go find yourself a winter project. What airplane do you want in your hangar?