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Can you turn off the onboard LEDs in Betaflight?


Active member
Is there a way to turn off or change the settings for the red and white LEDs on a Betaflight board? If possible, I want to turn mine off so that it doesn't clash with the LEDs I plan to solder on. As far as I can tell, they only exist to tell the board's binding state and orientation. Binding state is important, but after I put on my own LEDs orientation will be taken care of, so if there is a way to keep them on for binding but turn off afterward that would be ideal.


Eternal Student
I don't believe those LEDs are configurable, you would have to modify and recompile the BF code to shut them off. Much easier would be to cover them up with some dark tape. Liquid electrical tape would probably also work well.


Elite member
Black acrylic paint may also work.
You won’t see any of the tiny leds anyway, plus once you are in the FPV goggles it doesn’t matter!