Canadian versions of Foam Board (Dollarama Studio brand = FT WP?)

Does anyone know how the foam board available in Canada maps to FT?

Studio brand here has a waterproof coating on it but it’s more difficult to strip paper from. Adams Ready Board is lighter and the paper strips easily but it’s not water resistant.

Studio = FT WP?

Also, which product would you recommend building the FT Masters Spitfire out of?

Attached pic of maiden FT Spitfire (first build).


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I'm from Canada too, I build every thing out of the " Dollar Store" foam board. No choice only thing I can get. I don't worry about the waterproof part. ( I don't fly in the rain LOL. But I have found if you buy foam board that is white on one side and colorded on the other side the paper peels right off.
I am in BC. I can get Adams at Dollar Tree. I can get Studio at Dollarama. They also have a “whiteboard” version. I’ve never seen a type with different colours.


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Our " Dollar Store and more" stocks the all white--all black--and white on one side and about 10 different colours on the other. I find the all white and the all black almost impossable to peed the paper off on one side.
I think that is Studio brand. I have it out here too. The all white or all black are very water resistant (almost whiteboard foam board) but hard to work with. I built my first three planes out of that. Once I found Adams Readiboard at Dollar Tree (which is the downscale dollar store - yeah actually downscale from Dollarama) I stocked up. It’s way easier to work with. I’m building the FT MS Spitfire and was relieved to see him say it’s Adams Readiboard on the build video last night. I figure I’ll just cut two of everything.