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Can't post pics.

Foam Addict

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For the past week and a half, I have been trying to upload pictures of a flying wing I designed and built. Unfortunately, I have not been able to get any pictures to appear in the forum.
Some upload properly, then say, Attachment xxxx. When you click on the link, it says, "You have specified an Invalid attachment.
The rest start to upload, and then immediately stop with a red circle and !. I have searched the forum, and cannot seem to find any help with this.
The files are within specs: Less than 1.75 mb, they are either JPG or JPEG, and are from in all cases either from an Ipad, or, more often, a Kodak Z950.
Please, could I have some assistance?
Any, and I do mean any suggestions would be great.
Foam Addict.

Foam Addict

Squirrel member
Very nice!:D
I will try a trial picture here View attachment 9042
I am uploading them direct on a PC via the Upload files option.
There is no info on the nature of the error. I will try with the I pad as a test in a bit.
Thank you for the response!
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Funny - NOT

I am pressing the icon insert image
Selecting the files from my computer.
(I am always adjusting the size before i save the pictures for upload)


After pressing upload - the pictures are seen in the editor
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Im doing what "pgerts" is doing and getting great results, here is the icon i press to start the upload.

From there you search for and upload your file ... then you will get something like this ----> ATTACH=CONFIG]9183[/ATTACH <-----
Except it will have a opening bracket [ and a closing bracket ] at the beginning and end (automatically pasted in your post)
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Foam Addict

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Yes, but thanks any way.
I have my Lap top back, but I am racing to finish my last wing's tips and trim out, then I will load.
Thanks for the help!