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Carrying Case for my Tricopter made with 6" PVC


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Your gonna end up on the do not fly list with that setup. The wires alone in an xray will send homeland scrambeling. If your going to fly with that design, i would reccomend calling a few agencies, FAA, FBI, HLS and seeif they are local to you and see if they can either ceritify the design or give you reccomendations on how to build it so you can fly with it. It might even come down to adding a "window" so it can be seen its only a helocopter in a travel case.


Just a wild guess here but a tube filled with electronic ESC's, wires, and motors connected to a control board may not be the wisest thing for carry on luggage. Id suggest you wear clean underwear that day if you choose to go forward ;) Aside from that I absolutely love your design to protect it. If you want to cut down on the weight a bit Home Depot sells what I believe are called clean-out covers for large PVC. They are light plastic discs with a lip that are used to cover pipe ends during construction, I have used them before for making containers out of PVC and they can be glued in place or simply duct taped.


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While I grant that this IS the TSA that we're talking about. I think they should be able to figure it out. That being said. I intend to have labels on the outside showing what it is, and a written description printed out as well.


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So how did this work out?

If they gave you a hard time sue the $#%^ out of them. They have been operating outside the law for too long. There is absolutly no law that prevents you from carrying anything on the plane that is on their list. And they keep taking it... Recently the courts have been hammering them for it. And why do we have to deal with this? Because several planes full of several hundred people (I am sure half of them able bodied citizens) decided to sit idly by as one guy and four friends flew them into some buildings...

Looks like a very nice carrying setup. Any problems with the thing shifting and being hard to pull out?
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Kog, the trip ended up being cancelled, so I didn't get to test out their sense of humor.

I intend to find some thinner walled pipe and try another version.


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Nice idea.

I figure you'll simply have to open it for the TSA and all will be well. Large camera cases, laptops bags full crap, etc. all have the same issues.