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Cessna 180 build by flite test designers

I just got done cutting all the main parts out from your awesome Cessna 180 design !!!:D:cool: its going way better than I expected, its awesome tbh I had a sportsman s plus and was getting in some good flights , I went into expert mode to show off for some onlookers looped a few rolled a few did a perfect knife edge leveled out and intended to climb for a nose dive but I somehow lost bearing I'm no pro here and was upside down when I went for altitude . I hit the ground so hard the plane exploded into so many pieces :black_eyed:I wish I had a bag lol but the beauty is all electronics are in perfect condition and this is where I'm at . I'm having fun with the build and saved over a hundred bucks by this method and tomorrow I will start assembly I drew up a diagram of the positioning of the electronics and its a perfect fit and the landing gear brace from the sportsman is a good fit too so I'm skipping that step . When all is done I would like to post a video of the finished product for those interested and to show great appreciation for what you guys do here and on Youtube . Anyone with some tips not mentioned in the original build walkthrough would be most welcome since these guys are in constant motion with improvements I may have missed something new:confused: otherwise I'm going to hit this bad boy with the hot glue sometime tomorrow and hopefully in the air by the weekend , weather permitting of course . I plan on recording every flight from now on in case something exciting happens again lol. I'm a pro with helis and drones but planes are much more demanding of quick thinking when in expert mode and all it takes is one wrong move or a distraction . I love airplanes now but I need to chill out on the showboating until I get more hours in . Flite Test team are a very cool bunch of guys and I will always be a supporter . Thanks Guys you rock the rc world with your amazing engineering skills. I will be in touch soon .


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If we're interested? We're always interested in a good build or a good crash. Videos and photos are both authorized and end encouraged.

Welcome to the forum. Where in the world do you fly?
Wow someone noticed me lol thanks for the reply

I am currently living and flying in Windsor Ontario Canada . Forgot to mention that ... I get some amazing skyline photos and videos with my q500 4k drone but nothing compares to the aerobatic flying , I believe this build is yours Jim ? am I correct? and I had one concern about the final steps as I consider electronics placement , I have the spectrum gps unit to install near the rear of the fuse so I'm guessing to balance I'm using a different servo placement using connecting rods from my salvaged parts .. near the center below the wing where you place your receiver I'm just in the final stages and I'm one of those guys that reads and measures twice or three times before cutting or gluing I'm not cutting flaps I'm just going with the four channel setup. (should be good) the landing gear from the sportsman s plus fit perfect oddly enough but whos complaining lol so far so good and its super solid and lightweight I'm at the stage where you say to grab a drink and admire your work, so I did . I'm following your directions to a tee :rolleyes: atm I'm only concerned about balance point and smooth flight everything in your plans is pro and easy to comprehend although I have already cut out the wings I may have some Q's about that part when I get to it . I expected to fly today but it is raining all weekend here so I decided to chill and build in stages not to rush anything I'm loving the way its coming together I will be building the spitfire next since it is my favorite warplane. Just a brief note : My first plane was a piper cub I built about 10 years ago , never flew it sold to an older guy , he added all the electronics and a nitro motor to it and it flew amazingly. I also built a trex 450 from a kit and it was in perfect balance first try and I flew that heli all the time. All my buddies told me not to start with helis but I never listened so this airplane thing was much easier to pick up , I'm still a natural at flying the helis and drones but aerobatics and building planes is my new found love . I also wanted to point out , I love the way you guys get your drone footage as you test and fly different designs ... omg that airsoft plane made my day ...I like it when you guys get a little irresponsible lol :cool: sorry for the long entry but I'm just pumped !!! Thanks again ! : Chris D