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Champ s+ loosing control problem.

Hello everyone..

I have champ s+ and DXe DSMX transmitter. When the plane is on the ground, all control surfaces, throttle and switchs works normal. But when i try flying the plane, after 10 seconds throttle stick stops working and aileron axis acting like throttle axis. And i loss the control. How can i fix this problem?



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Your description of the issue lacks much information.

Have you done a range test on the radio system?
How does the plane behave when you walk a few hundred metres away from it and try to operate the throttle?
Does the issue occur when you hold the plane stationary and apply the throttle as if you were flying? Does it still stop responding after the nominal time period?

Do you have access to another transmitter or receiver for testing purposes?

Please let us know and someone may know what you need to do!

have fun!
Thank you for your interested.

-I did't any range test.
-when i hold the plane stationary and apply the throttle, everything works normally.
- I dont have another transmitter.

When i launching the plane form my hand, first 10 seconds everything works normally. But after 10 seconds throttle axis stops working and aileron axis acting like throttle.


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I would strongly that you do a range test as it sounds like the Loss of Signal response which is cutting the throttle.

Also read up on the failsafe settings for your radio and set the failsafe to have the ailerons centred, (no roll).

On an ESC if it loses the signal after a number of seconds, (normally 30 seconds but can be manufacturer specific or controlled by a flight controller/stability system), the motor supply or drive is removed.

On some receivers the Rx light will flash if it suffers from a loss of signal and then regains the signal, (again manufacturer specific(.

Have fun!


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To set some context, are these your first flights with the plane or has it been working properly prior to this problem?

If first flights are you confident that all the extra features that come with the S+ are set correctly (GPS, autoland and virtual fence features).

When you say on the bench it works fine, are you running it full throttle for the length of time it would take for the problem to occur in the air (10-15 seconds) - battery voltage may be sagging after 10 seconds and per the manual the throttle will cycle up and down to let you know this). then you could be hitting the failsafe limits