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Junior Member
After watching your video on the Champ, it made me want to post about it and say how absolutely cool it is.
I had always overlooked the little thing at the LHS. At the time I was 100% into 36" and up wingspan.
One day my little nephew brought his over to see if I could fix it for him.

The elevator had no authority, all it did was loops. So after tweaking the control rod a bit, I took it out for a
"flitetest". WOW was the first ting out of my mouth, that little thing was just as fun, if not more than alot of my larger planes.

Anyway, I went out and got one for myself. That purchase started the ultra micro stage of my hobby addiction.
I added FAA style 3mm lights so I could fly after work.
ROG take-offs, touch and gos, taxiing, all effortless with the Champ. I even got a few rudder rolls out of it.
I put a battery for a Mosquito in it and got a good solid 30 min flight.

I would recommend it to RC pilots of ANY skill level. The absolute BEST bang for the buck in RC Flite.

Thanks for the show guys, I really enjoy every episode. Keep 'em coming..

P.S. Let me know when you need more decals...