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Charging Fatshark FPV battery


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new to forum.
Fatshark Teleporter v5 FPV system just arrived. So fun.
Comes with 7.4V 2 cell LiPo battery for head unit. Does not come with charger.
Documentation says not to use balanced charger. Some online reading suggests otherwise..
Wanting to understand if I can use my Turnigy compact charger E3 with this battery.
This is our charger:

Appreciate the guidance. Without charger, my FPV fun is limited until I can charge my battery..
Thanks all!


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I don't know what would suggest otherwise so long as it is a 2S LiPo

Your battery is probably something like this...

It should have a balance plug with 3 wires that should plug into the 2S socket on your charger. Always a good idea to check the polarity of the wires with a volt meter before you plug the battery into anything but it is likely to be fine.

If it doesn't have a balance plug that fits you charger then a link or photo would help.

Since you only have a simple balance charger, the only concern is that it has a fixed charge rate which could be too high for very small batteries. Can't find any specs on that charger - looks like Hobby King don't sell it anymore - but my guess is that it has a fairly low charge rate and there will be no problem charging the FatShark battery.

If your battery it's the one I linked, then the charge rate should not exceed 1Amp. Probably the charge rate on that charger is 500mA or so.

In any case you should put the battery inside one of these...


while you are charging, not charge near anything flammable (eg not in a bedroom) and be around while the battery is charging. Don't leave it charging unattended.