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Cheap foam dlg

Hi there I would like to set a challenge to build a cheap dlg out of foam and then upload a video and measure the flying time there will be no prize exept pride

Give it a go
Paul age 12


Old age member
Cheap and DLG does not sound to match ;-)
I have been looking for a DLG but the price is not within my limits :-(
There are really big forces to the plane when tossing it. The speed is normally + 100 km/h / 60 mph to get some height and the plane is superlight and extremely rigid.
(I know of the alula type but I honestly do not regard them as DLG planes.)
Hi there by foam I didn't mean 100 percent foam but mostly a foam wing as in you can use carbon but not on the wing and a flying wing counts.

Give it a go

I've been looking at doing a build like you are suggesting. Here are a couple of links to some ideas.


I have also been looking for a way to make a replacement pod for my


I know you can get replacements but the original design has some serious durability issues. Here is an option:


Great idea let's keep this going!

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Hi there your right the real challenge wil be the pod do you guys think that it is possible to make a foam pod and then use pink batts and five minute epoxy as that is what I have in hand

So far for mine I am using angle aluminium for my boom and am trying to get some foam for Hotwireing the wings which I will cover with packing tape also I will use a delta mixer for air brakes

Give it a go

Paul age 12