1. Mr NCT

    Part Simple Staggerwing 3D printed parts 2022-08-15

    Cowl, struts and landing gear panel for Simple Staggerwing. I'm finding that the cowl needs some light weight filler on the curve in front as it prints kind of rough. Struts are purely ornamental and should be printed with what Cura calls a brim to keep the pointy parts from lifting. Printed the...
  2. Mr NCT

    Plane Simple Staggerwing Simple Staggerwing V2.2

    Plans updated 8/30/22 The classic Beechcraft Staggerwing done in the FT 'Simple' style. Box fuselage, tab and slot assembly, upper and lower wings identical except for flap control horn and strut slots. A very easy, straightforward build. Removeable wings, power pod will slide out without...
  3. Mr NCT

    Simple Beech Staggerwing

    While I'm down sick (not covid but feel rotten) I thought I'd start on a "simple" style Staggerwing like the FT Simple Cub. It also gives me more time to work with Fusion 360. Hope you appreciate the self control it took not to title this thread "Staggerwingly Simple" or "Simply Stagger(w)ing".
  4. Matthewdupreez

    Ultimate Trainer Design and Test.

    hey guys recently i have been thinking of attempting to design the ultimate trainer plane, with exceptional characteristics. here are some of my goals: - sub 250gram, for those in countries where licenses are required. - floaty and excellent glide slope. - stable and minimum stall...
  5. Crawford Bros. Aeroplanes

    Aeronaut 2m Sailplane

    My latest design, a 2m sailplane. It was inspired by Tony Mellor's Alto saiplane, found here: I wanted a glider with well-rounded capabilities that could handle a variety of wind conditions. We'll see if it succeeds in that regard, but I have...
  6. K

    My new plane design

    Just recently I've gotten into plane building, this one took a few weeks to complete. here is my simple "park flyer" design complete with LEDs.
  7. TommyTucker

    How to transfer designs from paper to foam?

    ‪I am scratch building the simple cub currently - my first ever scratch build. I am using the free online plans which I have printed on A4 and taped together. Any tips on how to transfer the plans onto the foam to cut out?‬
  8. LAZY J

    LAZY J's super simple simple Storch build "THE BUDGIE"

    Hi all! Thought I would share my recently completed build of a 3 channel modification based on the FT Simple Storch - this one has come about due to the need of something nice and simple to introduce my 10 year old nephew to the art of aeromodelling. The general goal here was a simple three...
  9. G

    Motor Choice for FT Simple Scout

    Hi Guys. So I am planning my first scratch build using electronics from a second hand build that I bought that was destroyed (By a tree) All the electronics are fine (Including servos) And i'm planning on using everything for the Simple Scout. My question is about the motor. The Motor is...
  10. G

    Flite test plans decryption!

    Hi guys. I want to be brief as it's 3.30 am over here in the UK. And I'm having that kind of early morning thought. Planning. I have two questions (so far!) About the plans that Flite Test offer. My first: What is the sheet and tile key for? The second: is the CG measurement (in the case...
  11. TurtlesThatFly

    Super simple toilet paper roll foamboard b-52 stratofortress

    Hello fellow Flitetesters! This is a foamboard B-52 that I am working on. I had a thread in the Electric Fixed-Wing section of the Electric Flight forum, but I realized this is a better place to post this. So here it is! Intended to be Depron, this B-52 is aimed to become a simple design that...
  12. D

    Improve the FT Simple Cub

    I'd like to see the addition of a mock engine similar to the one on the Sportster. I tried to copy it but that one is too big for the cub.
  13. R

    FT Simple soarer, Can I get a little help from my friends?

    Frame: FT Simple soarer (speed build) 3ch. Prop: 9x4.7sf Power plant: Emax 2280kv (plans call for 1300kv) Power source: Kinexsis 800mAh 2S Servos: 8.5g I can not get this thing in the air. I have been fighting this thing for weeks now. The last time it crashed I thought I was going to jump...
  14. T

    Chuck gliders?

    Alright, so Im 14 and am in boy scouts. I am working with my dad to teach the Aviation merit badge. For this we need to build a plane/glider. I was wondering if anyone could point me to some kind of design or something with plans. For budget reasons it needs to be half a sheet of foam board or...
  15. SamCollings15

    Plain and simple

    I am looking for a 2.4ghz 4ch radio of good build quality and multi model memory for my planes, nothing else. I just want this because I don't use all that the programmable stuff, to me it just gets in the way. I like to be back to basic with the plane and flying at 100% rates all of the time...
  16. Chaser1029

    Conversion of electronics

    Hi, I have what seems to be a fairly complicated question for me, but might be pretty simple, about taking the electronics from one plane I have and putting them in a FT swappable kit. I bought a Parkzone Radian a couple of months ago and have wrecked it and tried fixing it, but it has just been...
  17. C

    Cheap Simple Mini Quad Frame

    Im still pretty new to all of this but I built a simple frame while I was saving up to buy a carbon fiber or G10 frame and in the end I love it so much I don't have any need to upgrade, at least until I get good enough for some detail to matter to me. So with no metal fasteners (only zip ties)...
  18. Andre

    2S Soarer

    Something I've testing tomorrow. Specs 60"x10" wing. Simple crease bend/glue 30" fuselage. Adding pieces to make the frame stiff. 350g TURNIGY 2204-14T 19g Outrunner TowerPro 9g w12A Brushless Speed Controller ZIPPY Compact 500mAh 2S 35C Lipo Pack GWS Style 8040 Propellers HXT500 6.2g / 0.6kg...
  19. B

    Add pusher power Pod to Simple Soarer

    I am about to build a SS as project to entertain me as I recover from should replacement surgery. I plan on using it as both a tow launch and power glider. That said, I am toying with the idea of adding a power pod above and just aft of the wings. Something similar to the Bixler (II). So...