Cirrus SR22T Scratch foam build


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Hi All

I'm doing something crazy.. I want to build a Cirrus foam plane. I love this plane.. Its going to be hard but know i can do it.

I need your help.. The 3d design will be created in 3ds max. From there i will break down the plane and copy the parts to the plan. I need a picture of the front view.

Happy flying


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Sounds good to me! The low wing loading is to your advantage, as is the relatively simple shape. Just make the first one kind of boxy and go from there!


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Sounds good to me! ................................. Just make the first one kind of boxy and go from there!

Excellent advice.

Make it simple, work out the characteristics you want from there and then work on refining the design for your final version.
Many get frustrated and give up in the initial design by trying to get too in depth. Once it's rtf, we'll all have things we want to change on our designs anyway. Not to hijack, just figure those reading this thread in the future should heed his advice.

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good to see someone else using 3dsmax for their designs.

my strategy for getting plans from max to photoshop, is to unwrap the model's uvs and stitch them together. its kind of clunky, if you have a better way i'm all ears


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The only foam that we get is depron 6mm and 3mm. Made the ribs 6mm and wing cover 3mm. Do you think i must just make a spar or leave the ribs? Thank you for the info. I need your input as i'm still new at this. :)


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I also figure a way to bend the foam on the top. Get a nice round fuselage. Will show you in 3d max. :)


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If using depron, highly advise sparing. Either rib caps or even better center carbon spar. May want trailing edge ribs caps too. Google images of balsa build up closely and you will be able to pick out different sparing approaches.